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The litter tray

Best clumping litter?

9 replies

Horsemad · 10/09/2013 15:22

Just that really! Smile


OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 10/09/2013 15:27

We use Aldi's. I really like it. They only do one sort and it's quite cheap. Grin

ThatVikRinA22 · 10/09/2013 15:30

this stuff

its a revelation. i never need to change the cat litter tray now - this stuff is fab.
it lasts yonks and yonks because you dont waste any - it clumps into balls which you can just scoop out - you just top it up when it gets low.

its fab.

you can also buy it in bulk.

cozietoesie · 10/09/2013 15:59

Sainsbury's or Co-op. LIDL do some incredibly cheap good value stuff but Seniorboy is very fussy so I pretty well just get Sainsbury's with the (free delivery) online shop.

Horsemad · 10/09/2013 16:29

Thanks all, will try these recs. Smile

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 10/09/2013 16:33

Make sure you get the natural fuller's earth clumping.

gobbin · 10/09/2013 19:35

I use Worlds Best - amazing, no waste, but its expensive. The stuff Vicar has linked to looks like a much cheaper version of Worlds Best. I'll be trying it!

girlieg · 11/09/2013 15:15

I I normally mix the cheap with the expensive to get more from your money.

thecatneuterer · 11/09/2013 15:29

Vicar I've never tried that. Does it mean that you don't get stuff tracked around your house? That's the only problem I find with the wood-based stuff, I have to sweep up what is effectively sawdust several times a day.

ThatVikRinA22 · 11/09/2013 21:09

my cats are messy and kick litter everywhere but they dont walk it about - its really really good stuff - it doesnt smell, it doesnt even clump like other litters - it sort of fluffs up into a ball that you can just scoop out, it not cheap but i dont ever change the litter tray now - nothing gets wasted because you can just top it up.

occasionally when it gets really low i might chuck the last bit and bleach the tray - but its really cost effective.

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