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The litter tray

dumb question

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drinkyourmilk · 05/09/2013 21:37

I'm babysitting for a friend who has 3 cats.
Just opened a grab size bag of wotsits. They are all climbing all over me trying to eat them.
Do I have to stop being a pig eating and put them away or can they have a couple?
I'm figuring its bad for them, but hoping not!

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AintNobodyGotTimeFurThat · 05/09/2013 21:42

I don't know, is my simple answer.
Different owners have different rules on what they allow their pets to eat. There is also the possibility of allergies and certain foods that the cats can't tolerate.
I'd err on the side of caution and just put them in another room whilst you eat your wotsits and then give them a fuss afterwards. :)

drinkyourmilk · 05/09/2013 23:14

I put them away. Sob.

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