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Cat not coming in at night - any advice?

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MeAndMyGirl · 02/09/2013 22:34

Hi have 2 sisters that are 7 yr old. We have cat rota with neighbour as his cats are v aggressive so our cats have to be in for 7pm. Have had no problems until week ago and 1 cat now being extremely difficult to get in. They usually run in when they hear can opener for their tuna!!

Any ideas??

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PipkinsPal · 02/09/2013 22:37

Get a laser pen. They will love it. One of my cats will come running in just hearing me click the on/off button. He races straight into the house and whizzes around the kitchen, slipping and sliding trying to get at the red dot.

MeAndMyGirl · 02/09/2013 22:41

Thanku thats a great idea!!

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