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Is there anything I can do about my 'violent' cat?

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BloominMinnie · 29/08/2013 09:14

We took him in when he was 6 months old and he is now nearly 3 so I suppose hes entering his teens Smile

He is a lovely, affectionate little chap but has recently started acting a bit strange. He never normally kills things but this past week or two I have found alsorts of.dead things in my back garden. But I know all cats do that and while I dont like it its not the real problem.

He has started attacking my elderly dog, who is deaf and blind and really just keeps himself to himself. The dog doesnt retaliate but the cat is hurting him, scratching him across the face for no apparent reason. They have always lived alongside each other fine up to now.

Also the cat has started to scratch my DD. She is not rough with him at all, just crawls up to him and say hello but he then scratches her.

I have tried to give the cat his own space, I have put a bed and litter tray food water the spare room and he sometimes takes himself up there but the majority of the time he stays downstairs with us all, he is sociable.

Anything I can do to.calm down? Stop him scratching? I know there is no such thing as behavioural classes for cats Grin but didnt know if there was something I could be doing? He has been neutured.

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purplewithred · 29/08/2013 09:22

Feliway spray or plug-in?

cozietoesie · 29/08/2013 10:27

It sounds as if he might be being over-stimulated by all the company - wants it but can't quite handle it when he gets it. As you said, a teenager.

I think I would be putting him in his room for a period of time if he does something naughty inside the house. A firm NO, pick him up brusquely (but not angrily of course), up to his room, in and the door shut for - say - 20 or 30 minutes.

Then after that time, open the door and let him come out of his own accord if/when he wants to. No love words when he does, just keep it low key and 'business as usual'.

Oh - and keep DD away from him for the duration. She might not be being rough but the closeness and attention may be too much for him at the moment.

Not a lot you can do about the dead birds of course.

Best of luck.

BloominMinnie · 29/08/2013 13:31

Thanks purplewithred and cozietoesie

Will try the feliway plug in and will follow all the great advice.

I dont know if hes trying to fight for 'alpha male' with the dog, however the dog would quite happily bow down I think! Will give him more quiet time and keep dd away

Thanks again Flowers

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