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My cat has gone missing

17 replies

akindofmagic · 23/08/2013 09:59

Hi, first time posting in here. Last Friday evening our beautiful apricot oriental escaped out the front window. He is usually a house cat although he goes out in our back garden and next door occasionally. We have notified all the local vets, environmental health, Cat's Protection. I am kicking myself as we didn't get him chipped because he was a house cat. Been going out every day to call and put posters everywhere and through some doors.

We have dirty litter out the front and back of our house and his blankets in boxes out the front and back too.

Someone spotted him 3 days ago but he ran away, no sightings since. :(

Please tell me he could still come home?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 23/08/2013 10:02

He could, of course but it's awful not knowing. (Been there.)

Have you contacted the breed society rescue as well? (The OCWT, I think.) They might well be contacted in the event of your boy being found and they would certainly be in a position to put the word round.

The best of luck to you.

timtam23 · 23/08/2013 22:13

I really hope you get some good news about your cat, he sounds beautiful and very distinctive, so people should recognise him if they do see him

Fluffycloudland77 · 24/08/2013 09:00

Keep going out and calling him. Take a torch with you, they blend in with shrubbery surprisingly well.

Chipping ought to be compulsory really.

akindofmagic · 24/08/2013 11:30

We will go out every day, several times a day until we know what happened... going to leaflet a wider area and we've got a substantial reward for any information leading to his return. Fingers crossed.

OP posts:
MexicanHat · 24/08/2013 12:28

Of course he could. I feel for you, it's just awful not knowing where they are.

Mine went missing for 5 days and I walked the streets with posters and the number of people who told me their cats had been missing for a number of days or weeks in some cases and had come back was unbelievable.

Really hope for some good new soon.

fackinell · 24/08/2013 12:58

Add to your leaflet to check sheds and garages. Many people doing gardening ATM. He may have been accidentally shut in.

Hope he's home soon! SadThanks

loveliesbleeding1 · 25/08/2013 19:32

My lad came back this morning after 9 days, he is an indoor russian blue, who made a break for it, I was so frightened he had been stolen, so really your boy could be back at any he on animal search uk they email all their patrollers within a certain amount of miles and it's s free service.hope he comes back soon.

cozietoesie · 25/08/2013 19:37

Great news about your own boy loveliesbleeding1. You must have been distraught.

Still keeping fingers crossed for the OP.

loveliesbleeding1 · 26/08/2013 13:51

Aah thanks cozietoesie , is there any news yet op?

nippysweetie82 · 26/08/2013 14:00

Have you posted up on facebook OP? There should be a missing cats page on there that you can post on.

ChubbyKitty · 26/08/2013 14:41

My baby went missing for 3 weeks. She's home and safe. I really thought we weren't going to get her back but eventually we did.

There's always hope, I hope he comes home soonSmile

akindofmagic · 26/08/2013 21:52

Thank you all. He is not home yet... I know it sounds bizarre but one of our others has a habit of pooing near our back gate (they go out in the garden only). Last night, another cat pooed on roughly the same spot, quite a runny poo and it has not ever happened before. I really hope it was Harley coming back home but just unfortunate we were asleep when it happened, the back window was open but he's never actually figured out how to get back in a window.

Did those who had missing cats find them, or did they come home? We have leafleted quite far, leafleting further now and put a substantial reward on there to hopefully dissuade anyone from trying to steal him. We are both beside ourselves and my little boy (15 months) saw a photo of him and pointed, then started stroking the picture. :(

Come home soon Harley Farls... Sad

OP posts:
MexicanHat · 26/08/2013 22:14

It's so upsetting wondering where they are OP Sad

Our cat just turned up at the kitchen doors. Had been in the kitchen 5 minutes earlier and she wasn't there then. She had obviously been locked in somewhere as she was dehydrated, hungry and smelt dusty. She hasn't ventured far since....

Come home Harley!!!

timtam23 · 26/08/2013 22:22

OP - sorry to hear you are still searching

My cat just turned up one day after a week or so - he was very hungry and dirty & smelt of tarmac so I thought he may have been stuck in some road repairs or a building site somewhere. This was before any of the online cat-finding sites so I truly thought I had lost him for good.

cozietoesie · 26/08/2013 22:23

Mention it to your postie as well, OP - if you have a regular one. With all the going in and out of gardens they do there's just a chance he might be spotted.

chickydoo · 26/08/2013 22:37

My cats are always vanishing! One of them was gone for 5 days! You are doing he right thing by calling & looking. We found ours in a neighbours garage.
I have had cats for 30 years. I used to have indoor cats, but the more I kept them in the more they wanted to go out. Now all 4 are chipped, insured and registered with local vet. All go out when they want to.
I am sure your cat will come back, it is a Worry, but cats by nature are explorers. Wishing your cat a speedy journey home.

ChubbyKitty · 26/08/2013 23:07

She went back to the garden of the old house and DP went round to search for her just by chance.

*House was no longer there, he wasn't just dicking about in someone else's garden.

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