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do I need an appointment to buy cat flea treatment from the vet?

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2ofstedsin24weeksistakingthep · 20/08/2013 13:34

Hi I want to get some flea treatment from the vet as have found ouf that frontline doesn't work too well. Will I need an app or will they sell it over the counter? I am really short on time at the moment and vets is over 20 miles away, plus surgery is turn up and take a ticket style which usually involves a long wait. I don't usually mind this but would prefer not to waste time if possible. I usually buy at pets at home to save time. They do sell Feproline, has anyone ever used this? I presume it's the new name for Proline which was out ages ago. TIA

OP posts:
VelvetStrider · 20/08/2013 13:36

Ours sell it over the counter, both Advantage/Advocate and Seresto collars which both seem to work. Most vets I've spoken to agree that Frontline is no longer very effective.

thecatneuterer · 20/08/2013 14:51

You can buy Advantage and Advocate at most chemists, even the pharmacy section of large supermarkets. You should also be able to just buy it from your vet. Your vet may also sell Stronghold, which is a good one.

moonbells · 20/08/2013 16:27

We get Program. It's expensive, but works. Our old cat was on the edible version, one squirt in a tin of tuna every month, but you have to make sure they do eat all their portion. Now there's two of them it's harder, and we've gone for the 6-month injection.
It sterilises the fleas, so they can't breed successfully, and any nymphs can't grow as their chitin won't form properly. Not much chance of resistance being passed on!

MumnGran · 20/08/2013 23:03

Have things changed and I didn't notice? I thought vets could not give Advocate etc as a sale without having seen the animal at some time 'recently', as they are a POM - so also not available over the counter in pharmacies.

Please tell me I haven't just been cheerfully continuing to line the vets coffers, when they are now actually available in Boots or Tesco's? Shock

thecatneuterer · 20/08/2013 23:52

You can definitely buy Frontline and Advantage in any chemist. But now I think about it I'm not sure about Advocate or Stronghold -they may still be through vets only. Advantage is a good one though.

nipersvest · 21/08/2013 00:04

you can get advantage from amazon

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