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Changing cat food - few qs..

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itsnothingoriginal · 13/08/2013 22:23

Our 4 month old kitten has digestive problems - loose stools and awful wind because she's been fed on the 'Mcdonalds' of cat food (Felix) according to the vet!

I've bought some Royal Canin kitten as that was one of the better foods recommended by the vet. I know I have to change it gradually but do I just mix the dry in with the Felix pouches? She's also been having whiskas dry food alongside the wet food - I assume I just stop giving her that now?

Sorry for daft qs but I really need to get her digestive problems sorted asap as we have cat poo which she's trailed around on her feet everywhere in the house and I'm worried it'll make the kids poorly Sad

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issey6cats · 13/08/2013 22:32

yes each day over the next few days cutout a little bit of the felix and add a bit more of the royal canin, when you are down to very little of the felix find a good wet food like butchers classic or james wellbeloved and then start increasing the mix of wet to dry till you get to half and half, it might be worth for a couple of days, not giving her any biscuits or wet food but something bland like plain boiled fresh chicken and rice till her tummy gets a bit less runny and windy

issey6cats · 13/08/2013 22:33

and whiskas dry is the same as felix full of crap to get the kittens hooked on it so yes stop giving her that aswell

Uptheairymountain · 13/08/2013 22:41

If it's a long-term problem, it might be worth giving her boiled white fish for breakfast every day. My Manx has the same, due to the mild version of Manx cat syndrome and this has kept him normal. Try the basics or value brands because they tend to be pollock or similar which is very easy to digest - cod, for example, could be a little too rich for her.

itsnothingoriginal · 13/08/2013 22:56

Thanks both! I'll stop the whiskas and wean her off the Felix. I'm hoping it's not a long term problem but fingers crossed this does the trick..

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