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Agh, hlp stop me worrying!!

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GetStuffezd · 08/08/2013 08:55

The cats have been out every day for the last week for about an hour, but I've always lingered about and kept an eye on them. Today I've decided to let them roam out for the morning while I get on with jobs. Just popped out and the ginger boy is in the garden but the tortie girl isn't!

I know I'm being silly - I'm surrounded by fields and stuff and barely a vehicle's gone by all morning.... but just... AGH! I want to go and scoop them back in and never let them out again!

OP posts:
LEMisdisappointed · 08/08/2013 08:58

Would you like to borrow my grip? Grin Just teasing!

Seriously though, they will be fine - and in age old cat stylee, will be back when they are hungry (much like teenagers really)

cozietoesie · 08/08/2013 09:03

It's awful, isn't it? When you have cats who go outside, there's that heart stopping moment every time you call and a little head doesn't pop up over the garden wall.

She'll probably mooch in in half an hour with a 'Wot you on about?' look on her face.

gobbin · 08/08/2013 09:05

If they're anything like my ginger boy and torbie twins the tortie will be waaay more adventurous, explorative and feisty than the ginger wimp.

She'll be back at tea-time, no fear!

gobbin · 08/08/2013 09:33

Pic of the ginger baby and torbie nutter attached to profile

GetStuffezd · 08/08/2013 09:47

Yes the ginger boy is a wimp! I know he'll always come back...but she's too adventurous for her own good! Grin
And thanks for the grip - I do need it!!

I've taken the wuss's option and taken a big blanket and a book and coffee out into the garden. They're both just wandering around, climbing on the coal shed and trying to kill sparrows but failing. (Is it awful I've got the ipad ready so I can take a picture of their first kill?!)

Thanks for the hand holding anyway.

OP posts:
GetStuffezd · 08/08/2013 09:47

Gobbin, can't see your pics! Do they look like mine?

OP posts:
gobbin · 09/08/2013 02:46

Try again, photos should be open to all now

GetStuffezd · 09/08/2013 07:14

They are CUTE!!! Wish mine would lie down together...!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 09/08/2013 08:33

They look like a right pair, gobbin. Talk about posing for the camera!


Iwouldratherbemuckingout · 10/08/2013 16:18

Ha ha! You will see a very similar post from me on this board! I have NO grip absolutely and hate them going out. I am a total wimp.

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