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Is Antiseptic cream safe to use on my cat?

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Ditsy79 · 27/07/2013 17:47

My poor little cat was out all last night, and when we found her this morning she had lost her collar and also had a very grazed chin.
I've bathed her chin with salt water, but was just wondering if it would be safe to put a bit of Savlon cream or Sudocrem on it.
No idea what she's been up to, no other injuries apart from her chin - but she is feeling a little bit sorry for herself!

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issey6cats · 27/07/2013 18:34

no stick with the salt water savlon is toxic to cats and so is sudocrem

Fluffycloudland77 · 27/07/2013 19:02

Saltwaters fine, like Issey says some human medicines are toxic to cats. Paracetamol is fatal to them.

Just keep an eye on her and go to the vets if she starts to look unwell.

Eyesunderarock · 27/07/2013 19:08

No, we don't lick ourselves so a lot of our medication is toxic to cats.
Saltwater solution is safest, and if it looks infected, take her to the vet on Monday.

Ditsy79 · 27/07/2013 19:47

Thanks for the tips. Salt water it is then!

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