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Kitten tummy trouble help please [sorry if TMI !!]

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kizzie · 23/07/2013 10:08

Hi Ive got a gorgeous 17/18 week old persian kitten.
Shes settled in brilliantly but not great at cleaning herself yet. Shock

Anyway that was all fine till a few days ago when she developed soft stools. For last few days been alternating between soft, full diarrhea and the odd normal.

She had Leukaemia jab last week plus in middle of worming.

She seems very well in herself. Drinking fine etc - jumping around and playing like a maniac.

Vet not overly concerned but has given me some paste to give her (beigins with a 'p') plus Im giving her plain boiled chiken for a couple fo days and letting her eat a little bit of plain yogurt.

Her fur is getting into a mess so im cleaning her with baby wipes.

Is there anything else I shoudl be doing.

Also if the paste and plain diet are going to work - how soon should we see an improvement. Thanks

Even though vet not too concerned - Im still worried about her as she still seems so small.

OP posts:
kizzie · 23/07/2013 10:31

Meant to add - she has been on Hills science kitten dry food as recommended by vet - but ive been reading around and seems that this isnt great for her because of cereal content.

ive just bought some applaws kitten dry food which isnt made with cereal so was planning to slowly add a little bit of this after a couple of days of just the pure boiled chicken. Ive also got some applaws kitten wet food to give her a bit of variety. Although she seems to much prefer the dry food rather than wet food.

(When she came to me she was on whiskas kitten pouches - but wont eat those now Grin)

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 23/07/2013 15:49

One of my Persians wasn't great at cleaning, cursory lick of the paw and the job was done Hmm. I wouldn't use baby wipes because of the chemicals, I'd wipe over with a damp e-cloth and hope she gets the idea.

Mine was fine on applaws dry went off it when I bought the huge bag but check it has taurine in it, it's essential in a cats diet.

A couple of days of soft stools wouldn't concern me after jabs my last hep A did the same to me.

It's a fine boned breed so they do look all fragile and the females are smaller than the males, our feisty female was tiny but could hold her own through sheer ferocity.

kizzie · 23/07/2013 16:12

Thanks Fluffy - I'll get some cloths. I thought the baby wipes would be ok because obv need to be gentle for babies but could see that might also put her off trying to clean herself at all. Funny to read your description of your cat - thats exactly what she does. has a quick lick of a paw and then looks at me very proudly as though she has done something amazing ! :-)

I'm really hoping that a combination the boiled chicken, vet paste and plain yoghurt will sort her out.

Im very embarrassed re how long it took me to work how to boil chicken. ie. Boil water, put chicken in, keep boiling Blush

Id never done it before...

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 23/07/2013 17:15

Yoghurt? Confused

Floralnomad · 23/07/2013 17:21

I wouldn't be worrying about the yoghurt ,the paste is probably a pro biotic which is what you'd be aiming to get in her from the yoghurt .

kizzie · 23/07/2013 20:48

Ah ok - id read lots of things re plain yoghurt being good for them to settle stomachs. Just been giving her a little spoonful - will give that a miss.

OP posts:
kimthomasandaimee · 24/07/2013 11:28

I give goat's milk yoghurt as it's more easily digestible than cows milk.

Plain boiled chicken is good until it clears up. Don't add any rice to it.

The paste will be Prokolin. It has good bacteria in it.

Applaws is a good dry food but as far as I am aware it is only complimentary so you can't feed solely that for the long-term.

Raw or wet is far preferable to dry. I'm quite convinced the only reason vets recommend Hills is for the commission they get on sales. I wouldn't feed it to my kitten.

If you want any more information on raw feeding please ask.

If you go for wet, I'd recommend buying from somewhere like Zooplus rather than Supermarkets as the quality of food is so much better. I recommend Lily's Kitchen, Grau and Animonda Carny but there are other good wet brands, I just haven't tried them yet. For adult cats, the Happy Kitty Company sell the brands Macs, Feringa and OmNomNom and these are good too.

Dry Food = Sloppy, stinky poo as kitty tries to expel all the extra fillers and grains it doesn't require. Dry food is also very dehydrating for cats.

Wet Food = Firmer poo, less stinky.

Raw Food = Dry, crumbly poo with very little odour at all.

This is my experience of things anyway.

Hope your kitty is back to normal soon _

deliasmithy · 24/07/2013 12:00

One of mine has stinky soft poo on anything that isnt dry food for sensitive tummies. It's worse when she eats meat! You just have to experiment and see what helps.

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