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Ok so talk me through this please

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crazyhamsterdisguisedasapanda · 17/07/2013 17:26

I need pet insurance for my 5 cats where am I going to get the best value & not get messed about etc when making a claim ?
Also I have heard of something

OP posts:
Sashabella0 · 17/07/2013 17:32

I have two cats and since I first got them I have put £10 each into a bank account. They haven't needed to use it and now have over £1000!

alicetrefusis · 17/07/2013 19:42

Hi Crazy

I endorse what Sasha and Bella's Mummy said ;)

I used to have pet insurance for my 2 dogs and 2 cats. For years. Until I tried to make a claim and they wriggled out of it on a technicality. My vet was appalled.

Since then I save monthly for them all instead.

But if you do want to insure, I've heard good things about Petplan and Morethan. Don't touch Animal friends.

crazyhamsterdisguisedasapanda · 17/07/2013 21:13

Thanks Alice

OP posts:
Sashabella0 · 17/07/2013 22:19

That should say £10 each month!!

tabulahrasa · 17/07/2013 23:02

£1000 is not a lot when it comes to vet's bills, it cost me about £1500 to get my cat diagnosed before deciding whether to go ahead with treatment (it's about £800 for an ultrasound) and she costs £900 a year to treat and that's assuming she doesn't get any other run of the mill problems as well...and that's with my vet cutting costs because she's not insured.

Petplan are supposed to be the best, my dog is with Purely pets and so far they've been good, they've paid out about £3000 this year (I have the best luck with pets, lol) with no problems.

crazyhamsterdisguisedasapanda · 18/07/2013 08:09

I was thinking that myself Tabulah , ill have a look at purely pet thanks

OP posts:
Daysies · 18/07/2013 16:46

I've got our cats insured with Petplan also.

To the posters who say they start a savings book when getting a kitten, please consider what you'd do when your 4 month old furbaby needs emergency surgery due to eating something they shouldn't, and you potentially only have £10 saved.

I would always choose the pet insurance, look for one that includes 'for life' treatment.

crazyhamsterdisguisedasapanda · 18/07/2013 16:58

Thanks Daysies

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 18/07/2013 17:08

Personally, I'd start an insurance plan just for the peace of mind. I haven't got one for Seniorboy because he was too old when I got him - and by and large I've been pretty lucky. But that's what it was. Luck.

If I had a younger cat or cats, I'd sign up.

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