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Help with a water-related issue!

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GalaxyDefender · 15/07/2013 19:40

GalaxyCat doesn't seem to like the fact that the water in our new house is different. We've tried giving her bottled water and from the tap, but she's not really been drinking much of either, and in this heat it's worrying. We think she might have lost some weight too, but she's definitely eating so it can only be fluids she's losing. DP has suggested we buy her some wet food to try and get something in her, but she has flat-out refused any we've given her in the past so I'm not holding out much hope.

Anyone have any advice? She seems fine in herself other than being too hot - she's black and has quite thick fur so has been spending most of her time indoors flaked out on the bed!

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 15/07/2013 21:09

Could you mix the water with cat milk?

When you moved did you change her bowls? Don't forget they drink from puddles when they go out.

meatloaf · 15/07/2013 22:08

I posted something recently too. And since posting I found that she will drink water from a beaker and a plant pot in the garden. so perhaps try a different kind of bowl/cup

failing that go back to your old house and get some water and slowly wean / mix the water? (sounds crazy)

GalaxyDefender · 16/07/2013 08:35

Thanks for the replies Smile
We've been monitoring her overnight, and we think we've pinpointed the problem - it was the bowl! Not entirely sure why, it was the same one she used before, but swapping bowls seems to have worked for now.

I think the heat is just stressing us all out!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 16/07/2013 08:39

Weird - what with meatloaf's cat and all.

You know what it is? We're not giving them their food on fine bone china and their water in crystal goblets. Bad Owners!

Glad to hear she's drinking at last, Galaxy.


meatloaf · 16/07/2013 20:06

I love cats. They are so snooty and we pander to it!

basildonbond · 17/07/2013 18:04

Shuri only likes drinking from a dripping tap ... he jumps into the bath and miaows until someone turns the tap on ... one day he's going to jump into a full bath as he never looks Wink

I've also had to remind the dc to make sure all the loo seats are down as I caught him drinking from the loo the other day Shock

He will also drink from the glass of water I keep next to my bed - but as for drinking exactly the same water from a cat bowl, well!! the very idea!!! Grin

cozietoesie · 17/07/2013 18:35

What he was used to on the streets in the Middle East, I guess. Maybe he'll come round - or maybe not!


kimthomasandaimee · 18/07/2013 13:43

Remember that cats are designed to get the majority of the water that they need from what they eat rather than what they drink. This is why Dry Food is so unnatural and healthy for cats. Please try to convince your cat to eat more wet food and phase out the dry if you possibly can :)

basildonbond · 18/07/2013 17:20

except when they're prone to gum disease ... we've managed to keep dcat1's gingivitis at bay for years with her on hills tooth diet, so she does need water on hand

kimthomasandaimee · 18/07/2013 21:17

How about a cat water fountain? They're half price on Zooplus at the moment. I don't have one myself but am considering getting one for the novelty and he might choose to drink from it even :D

How about a raw chicken wing a couple of times a week for your cats teeth?

Dry Foods not as good for the teeth as the vets make out. If you watch them eat it, they only crack it with the very tip of the tooth, the kibble bit snaps and they swallow. It doesn't do much for the tooth and touches very little of the tooth's surface. A big chunk of raw meat or a RAW wing lets the cat utilise the whole surface of the teeth for eating and is really good for their teeth :)

Also, have you heard of a product called Logic before? You just smear it along the teeth with a fingertip. If your cat's particularly savage you can even just get a bit on their paw to lick off. You can get it on Amazon and it has some good reviews.

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