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Indoor Cats and the heat

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sickandtiredofitall · 15/07/2013 08:23


I have two indoor cats and im worried about leaving them in this heat while at work.... I have put down lots of water and closed all the blinds in the house to try to keep it cool but my flat is really warm at the moment......They are laying around and seem ok at the moment and as soon as im home I have fans running but how hot is too hot for them??? is there anything else I can do to keep them cool?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 15/07/2013 09:25

In the past, I've dipped my hand in cool water and stroked it over the fur on The Lodger's back - but he had an extremely thick coat.

With Seniorboy, I don't really bother. I've noticed that he comes down for a big moan and a cool spot and then once he's done that, he heads right back upstairs to a patch of sunlight so that he can bake himself again. So on his own head etc.......

He lies around and isn't hugely active (also eats a little less) if it's very hot but seems to be generally OK. I think your boys will be fine.

cozietoesie · 15/07/2013 09:27

Sorry - or your girls......


MrsIgglePiggle · 15/07/2013 21:58

what about leaving one of these on ? A bit pricey

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