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What can I do about this cat?

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tillyfernackerpants · 11/07/2013 11:15

In the last few weeks, a cat has started hanging around our garden. If the back door is open, he'll wander in but he also seems to be living in our shed. He gets in through a broken window, and then jumps out when I open in.

He won't come near me, seems quite nervous at times. I can't see a collar on him so don't know if he's a stray or if he does belong to someone. I'm getting the shed window fixed but don't really want him coming round - he's using our vegetable patch as a toilet!

Is there anything I can do to find out? As I said, he won't come near me, so can I entice him at all to see if he does have a collar?


OP posts:
Tigerblue · 11/07/2013 14:22

It could be something as simple as a new cat to the area and he's working out what he can get from others - that's what my boy did when he was younger and he's still doing it - luckily the neighbours all love him. You could try and ascertain if he's local and ask the neighbours if they know who he belongs to.

If you don't get anywhere with that, it might be worth phoning the local vet in the area and ask them to make a note in case anyone asks there. My vet has a noticeboard and sometimes there are lost and found cats on there. Obviously keep an eye out for notices on shop windows and lamp posts asking about lost cats. If he starts to look skinny or uncared for, then it's worth trying to entice him into your shed (which he obviously likes) and then call the RSPCA. They can check him healthwise and see if he is microchipped.

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