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So glad I made sure she was in

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LalyRawr · 07/07/2013 23:24

My kitten is less than a year old and not the most intelligent of felines.

She goes outside but in general prefers to stay in. We've had the front door open all day because of the lovely weather and she's been strolling in and out, alternating between sunbathing and sitting in the shade in the house.

Any who.

About to go to bed. Put her food down, whistle. Nothing. She always comes when I whistle.

Check all normal hiding spots. Check all closed doors. Check all cupboards. Go outside and start whistling (sorry neighbours!) nothing.

I run round the whole balcony (it's a big connected square). Nothing.

But then I hear her meowing. She gets confused with her floors (not intelligent remember?) so checked first floor (I'm on second) then check the third floor, look down to the second floor and I see her.

Trapped between someone's front door and those metal security gates.

Run down and ease her out between the bars, she seems ok, a bit undignified. Gave me a cuddle and a nose lick.

She's in now eating and drinking, but my God, my hands are shaking and my heart is beating so fast. What if I hadn't checked to make sure she was in? Poor little sod could have been there all night!

Just so glad she meowed when she saw me.

Am going to bed in a minute but needed to calm down first!

OP posts:
LalyRawr · 07/07/2013 23:36

...and now she's back to attacking the clothes line which clearly has some form of vendetta against her.

I wonder what it's like to own a normal kitten Hmm

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 08/07/2013 00:30

You must be so relieved! Well done for getting her in safe.

(All the kittens I've had have been completely scatty. Just remember that they generally grow up fine.)

Fluffycloudland77 · 08/07/2013 14:21

She was clever enough to meow when you called her though.

LalyRawr · 08/07/2013 14:56

Yes thank goodness Fluffy!

Bless her, she is such a scatter brain.

OP posts:
Iwouldratherbemuckingout · 13/07/2013 09:42

Oh dear! I have one a bit like that, chases insects with no regard to the road! Straight across running and jumping like a flipping ballerina. Luckily we live on a very quiet culdesac but even so I am thinking of fencing them into the garden!

teenagetantrums · 13/07/2013 16:13

I love in a flat the same sort of set up as you, hope you kitten cant get over the balcony, mine now has a metal plate in his leg after falling and hitting the wall on the way down,(thank god for blue cross only cost me £300 ) they are only allowed out now being supervised, mine are also a bit stupid, other previous cats have been fine. its a bloody pain not being able to leave the door open though.

teenagetantrums · 13/07/2013 16:18

live not love...

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