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The litter tray

Anyone want to share in our joy?

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Saidar · 06/07/2013 15:31

I am currently sitting with DP, very quietly, watching our new kittens come out of their shell!

We picked them up from the SSPCA this afternoon, got them home, opened the crate and they came right out!

They are 9 weeks and little monkeys, both Tom's. They've already been in the dog's bed but they are scared of the lizard when he's up at the glass.

Our lovely Cornish Rex passed away aged 19 before Christmas. Our house feels full again Grin

We are giggling quietly at the jumping and tousling. Always had cats before but never kittens. Such a joy.

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Sparklingbrook · 06/07/2013 15:32
Saidar · 06/07/2013 15:36

Tabby came over for belly tickles! We have purring!

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Sparklingbrook · 06/07/2013 15:38

I am very envious of you excited for you. Fun times ahead. Grin Have you named them yet?

Saidar · 06/07/2013 15:43

We haven't. Letting them settle and show their personality. Thinking of two characters from Rec vs Blue the Halo Machinima. Griff and Caboose. Just seeing who's the fool and who's the coward Grin

Do you have cats? I've never had kittens so always fancied the kitten stage to be fun.

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 06/07/2013 15:44

I have Sparkling cat (pic on profile). She won't allow any other cats in the house. BUT the lady over the road has just had a ten week old kitten so I am getting my kitten fix. Grin

I couldn't be without a cat.

Fluffycloudland77 · 06/07/2013 15:48

How exciting for you. Have they met the dog yet?

Saidar · 06/07/2013 16:00

Not yet, we're "scent switching" first, then will do an into. Our dog isn't bothered by cats and has lived with them before.

I know what you mean Sparkling, our house has been a wee bit strange without a cat. These two were the last two kittens, they had no older cats needing homes, and we couldn't leave one behind, could we....

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Saidar · 06/07/2013 17:48

We had our first intro. Daft dog wants the small kitten bed. Daft dog met tabby kitten, tabby kitten hissed and made himself big, daft dog just ran off. Daft dog got bacon. We'll just keep repeating until we know daft dog isn't going to try and assert himself and kittens are used to the big slobbery thing in their bed.

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cozietoesie · 06/07/2013 19:15

Daft dog showed appropriate respect. They should be fine - although keep a weather eye on them for the immediate future.

Saidar · 06/07/2013 19:16

Daft Dog and Old Grumpy cat lived together for years, but we always had an eye on the both Smile, better safe than sorry. Daft dog's play bowing to them was a good sign, and rather apt.

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Orangeena · 06/07/2013 21:36


CajaDeLaMemoria · 06/07/2013 21:38

Awww, they sound so cute!

I love kittens.

cozietoesie · 06/07/2013 21:57

You should ask Fluffy about having just one (Bengal) kitten, Orangeena. I get the impression that that's equivalent to 3 x ordinary kittens.


Saidar · 06/07/2013 22:38

I am very taken by them and how quickly they've settled in. They feel asleep on us this afternoon.

Honestly Orangeena I've never had a kitten before but they have been playing together and I doubt they're more work than one. Plus I could not have left just one in the shelter.

When we went to choose there was an old scraggy moggy who we were told probably had feline leukemia, they were waiting for the tests back and were aware she would probably need to be PTS.

When we went today I had prepared myself to see a new cat in her box, over the moon to find out she has the all clear and as they never PTS a healthy animal she will be cared for until she finds her forever home. I wanted to take her when we were choosing but were told we couldn't so chose the kittens instead.

Took some serious restraint not to take her too....

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 06/07/2013 22:41

I wonder why they didn't want you to have the old lady one. I couldn't go to a shelter, I'd want them all.

Saidar · 06/07/2013 22:43

At the time they thought she would have to be PTS, we choose and then had to go through checks and forms etc plus a waiting period. In the meantime they found out she's well.

They are aware we may be back for her. I love an old mog with a story. We have a house full of various rescues (two snakes coming our way next month as their owner can't handle them anymore).

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/07/2013 22:49

....we may be back for her.....

Sounds rather more cast iron to me.


Saidar · 07/07/2013 10:56

I am so torn Cozie, on the one hand she's not the most likely candidate for rehoming, pretty she ain't, and she was the first one I wanted.

But, we have chosen the kittens now, everyone's settling in, there will be vets bills from them plus the rescue snakes next month, and with her being an older moggy she won'y be cheap on the insurance and bills. I' frightened I'll get her and find we've pushed our vet budget too far and someone will suffer for it. If no one picks her, her bill are covered by the SSPCA and they are well looked after there.

Also, with children, dogs, cats would our house be the best place for an older girl with a rough time behind her?

DH know's how I feel and said he will support me if I want to take her on, I just can't do it to the detriment of the rescues we already have. Our last old boy nearly crippled us financially (cancer, blind, dental bills)

Writing that down makes me feel like we shouldn't, it's heart vs practicality and there's more argument against than for. I may ring the shelter and see if I can sponsor her food costs or something instead.

Ah, my thread of joy has become the thread of heartache and guilt. The kittens slept on our bed which was lovely.

OP posts:
VelvetStrider · 07/07/2013 16:38

I'm getting two kittens next weekend too! Grin Slightly older ones so our toddler won't squash them - so excited!!! I haven't owned a kitten since I was a little girl and never two at once!

Could you ask the rescue centre about long term foster for the old puss? Some of the centres near us do this for their older, less homeable cats and those with long term conditions. You provide the home, food, litter etc and they cover the vet fees.

cozietoesie · 07/07/2013 16:50

No need to feel guilty at all, Saidar - you're being properly practical. It would be awful to take on an animal that you couldn't afford to keep. Maybe investigate some of the options mentioned if you want?


Saidar · 07/07/2013 20:33

Yey for new kittens Velvet, our two have been a joy so far, although Caboose did that whole "LOOK I HAVE AN ASSHOLE" cat thing, then farted from his new food and ran off.

I know Cozie, and you can't save/rescue them all. Will ask about foster or at least take her some stuff in. Smile

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