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Off for Huntercat's verdict tomorrow

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Lovethesea · 02/07/2013 21:57

Well it's all aboard tomorrow back to the ortho surgeon an hour's drive away. Huntercat has done his 6 weeks cage rest (broken front leg from trying to hunt a car) so now back for rescanning and seeing if it worked.

Doesn't help I have to take a 3 and 4 year old too as no one to collect them from school nursery and playgroup otherwise, so we'll be toddling around the town waiting for the news.

If it looks good they might take out the metal pins. Not sure what happens if it doesn't look good.

Hopeful but a bit anxious. He is limping on the leg still but it doesn't seem to be painful at all and he is using it to move litter happily.

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cozietoesie · 02/07/2013 22:00

Good luck to Huntercat. He must be so fed up with his cage by now.

Lovethesea · 02/07/2013 22:35

He is now located in the dining room next to the patio door, so I've been able to open the door when we are in and let him smell, see and feel outside. He is desperate to get out there now, hopefully very soon!

We are running out of varieties of cat treats to try .....

Just tucked his cage up with duvets and blankets for the night as usual (leaving a little gap for air obviously!) really hope it's for the last time.

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cozietoesie · 02/07/2013 22:38

Let us know how he gets on.

ZebraOwl · 03/07/2013 17:08

I hope all went well for Huntercat today & that he'll be able to go & play outside soon.

Lovethesea · 03/07/2013 21:55

Well he is healing but not quickly so another 4 weeks with the metal pins in. On the plus side he can wander rooms supervised now as long as we stop him leaping up and down windowsills etc. So tonight he watched some wimbledon with us in the lounge.

He's a bit dopey after the sedation but ate his treats with enthusiasm.

So a slower road than we hoped but getting there. I got him a new bigger bed on the way home, need to restock on cat treats now too.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 03/07/2013 21:58

It was a very bad break wasn't it?

Slower progress than you had hoped but still progress, eh?

thecatneuterer · 03/07/2013 22:11

As cozie says, at least things are going in the right direction. And i'm sure he's loving the treats and the attention.

Lovethesea · 04/07/2013 20:48

Yes it was a really nasty break, lots of little pieces rather than just two to rejoin. He is enjoying the cat treats a lot at least. Feel sad for him as he is desperate to get outside, but that's the risk for an explorer. Glad they live in the moment so he's not counting down days!

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