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Vet said my cats are PERFECT...

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ZebraOwl · 25/06/2013 11:13

...and I am a bit excited & happy so I thought I would come here & tell people who might understand my glee.

They are my PFCs & had such a rubbish start in life that there was a chance of lasting health problems. The vet was absolutely bowled over by the change in them from a year ago Grin

Was wonderful to be reassured that I am Doing All The Right Things & that the cats are the perfect weight for their size (& all muscle, too) & have exceptionally good teeth & their coats are in fantastic condition.

So yes. Am a happy (& hugely relieved) cat owner. Poor moglets hated the trip to&from the vet (less bothered by the actual vet appointment, though not thrilled) but settled incredibly quickly once we got in. They had some treats & some catmilk & have been given some new mousetoys & are happily bopping about the house. Am going to give them their favourite chicken&pumpkin for tea tonight & let them sleep in with me for once (they got to do so after last vet visit & also the time the kitchen ceiling fell down while they were in the kitchen). Obviously I'm hoping they'll only need to go to the vet for the annual check-up, but even so I want to make sure they associate having to go to the vet with Nice Things Happening When They Get Home.

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cozietoesie · 25/06/2013 11:14

Well done all.


lurkedtoolong · 25/06/2013 14:34

Hooray. Always good when a vet visit goes well. Have a Wine to celebrate how fabulous your PFCs are.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip · 25/06/2013 14:37

:) that's great. Well done on the amazing hard work you have put in. Sounds like it paid off :)

cozietoesie · 25/06/2013 14:44

Seniorboy's sample of the day was clear (vet just phoned) so am also gleeful. Smile

You'll be interested to note, Zebra, that he reacts to vet visits exactly as you hope your PFCs eventually will. The minute he goes back in his box at the vets, he calms right down and once back in the house it's no more than half a minute before he's back to normal.

(And this was a cat that hated the vet so much, he never went more than once or twice in all the time he was with my Mum.)

ZebraOwl · 25/06/2013 15:32

Thank you all verymuchlylots Grin Is such a relief to know that I am not failing at looking after my little cats!

Very glad the news from your vet was good too cozie Smile Balanchine was much quieter on the walk home than on the walk there which I think's a good sign.

Jinny's perked up sufficiently to be chasing about downstairs with one of the new mousetoys. Lan's still a bit quiet (in a post-jab way) but happy enough.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 25/06/2013 15:38

Envy my vets just eye my cat warily and say "it's a bengal isn't it?" Like he's radioactive or something.

Well done for getting them healthy and happy.

cozietoesie · 25/06/2013 15:46

Well Seniorboy's had lots of visits now (compared to previous times) so he's got confidence that he'll go home again. I reckon yours will develop that Zebra - after all, this is still early days for them. Smile

Grin at Fluffycat's reputation!

crazynanna · 25/06/2013 15:52

Grin at fluffy

So glad the urine was clear, cozie

I fear you may be mistaken here,zebra, for my girl is feline perfection personified Wink

Her first vet visit was met with the comment "this is a vair healthy cat, with glossy coat and clear eyes". Walked out just about getting my head through the door.

Went back to pick her up later(post neutering) for the vet to say "she hates me! she has done nothing but spit at me" Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 25/06/2013 16:43

Tbf if someone took my ovaries off me I'd be peeved too.

Vets are missing a trick here, they should comment on the good looks of all cats. We'd all leave satisfied that we weren't the only ones to notice puss's feline perfection.

Fluffy cat doesn't attack vets, he runs off the table and hides behind the computer monitor so he can download a virus or two. Cyber terrorism is the only way to fight these vets.

ZebraOwl · 25/06/2013 20:05

My aunt's Dalmation is convinced the vet is an Evil Supervillain. The vet really couldn't be nicer, but SpottyDog is having none of it. And a Dalmation is not the sort of dog you can just pick up... well, not unless you happen to have a forklift handy, I mean...

This was the 4th time they've been to the vet: they went the morning after the evening I got them (as it were); they were back a couple of weeks later for next set of jabs; then they were snipped&chipped in October. That being the case, I think they coped very well & that you're right about their ability to cope increasing as time goes on.

Oh dear. My Daddy's last cat had a similar manner of interacting with the vet. In fairness, before she was adopted by my parental unit she had a hellish time & vet visits had involved having to have her tail docked & her teeth removed... Also, twas a direct quote from the vet, who is not prone to hyperbole, le non. Wink

Even on their first vet visit when they were wee malnourishedy moppets the vet staff were very taken with My Darling Cats. Jinny is pure black & has really delicate features & his brother is a gorgeous (strawberry) blond with the cutest markings - including the ones that look as though he's wearing perfectly-applied white eyeliner.

My cats are in fact so extraordinarily beautiful that people stop to take pictures of them if they're doing a public appearance on the sitting-room window-sills. It is incredibly disconcerting to look up from your book & realise there is a crowd of people gathered outside the house peering in. This does happen less often now they're no longer Tiny Kittens, but they have an established fanclub so now I have strangers walk past waving. And asking me how the cats are. If I happen to be going into/out of the house as they pass. Am starting to think I should charge a fee for meet&greets. Apart from the fact Nijinsky HATES Meeting New People, what could go wrong... Confused

I am biased, but they are darlings. And more important than their stunning good looks is the fact that they are happy & healthy & loved & loving. On which incredibly soppy note I am off to get them some of their Favouritest Food EVER for dinner...

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