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The litter tray

So just been watching my kittens .....

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crazydrunkevilhamster · 17/06/2013 15:30

Me for a change Blush

Just been watching the kittens & it really amazes me at how much they can do now they are 7 weeks old .
They get everywhere , even on to high shelves Hmm its as though they have springs in their legs Grin , they love to play on the patio while im hanging the washing out .
Oh & they chew on everything in sight as well never stop eating .
Also the mum has really come out of her shell so much as she just use to hide behind the sofa & now she is always found telling the kittens off when they misbehave smacks them with her paw , she lets me know when its time to feed them & rounds them up when its nap time Grin she makes it look so easy , she is still feeding them twice a day on top of kitten food which has made them all extremely chubby Grin

They are due to leave in a few weeks (apart from Theodore) & I know its natural for them to leave the mother early im just concerned how it will affect them as they are always playing together & falling asleep cuddling each other Grin , am I over thinking this ?
I just don't want her going back to her old ways & one of the kittens is going to a home with no other pets so he won't have anybody to play with Sad

Sorry for rambling , its just gonna be so much harder than I thought when they go

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cozietoesie · 17/06/2013 15:38

You're facing what all kitten grandmothers face - and they should all be fine, crazy. They'll bond with their new people instead of with Mum and their litter mates.

Are they all eating kitten food now as well as eating at the Milk Bar?


crazydrunkevilhamster · 17/06/2013 15:46

Yea they are all eating now

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cozietoesie · 17/06/2013 15:51



Fluffycloudland77 · 17/06/2013 18:40

It'll be fine, ours was 17 weeks when we got him, he called for his siblings until we fed him and he realised he could eat it all himself.

He decided I was the mommy and Dh was to be ignored as he clearly didn't matter as he wasn't in control of food time.

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