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The litter tray

will a covered tray help?

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stickyricecakes · 28/05/2013 19:58

Quite a simple question really, my 7 year old cat uses her tray in the bathroom very nicely. She is on the whole a clean cat and we have no problems with her toileting. I would prefer she goes outside, she was happy to in our old house, but since we moved here where we have dogs and other cats and all sorts both sides (terraced house) she doesn't seem to have found somewhere she is happy to go and prefers to use the tray. I don't really mind this as long as she is happy! The less she goes out the less she brings in.

Anyway, rambling now.

Her tray is a large and basic one. She is very good at keeping things clean, but still litter granules end up all over the bathroom floor! We sweep up morning and night, but its never enough! Its potty training time for my toddler this summer, and we have another baby due this week. I have a vision of me picking cat litter crystals up from all over the house as the toddler starts to use the bathroom more independantly, and of me tryingh to pee without putting baby down on the bathroom floor and just generally stressing!

I won't want the litter tray in any other room, as it lives by the toilet which I prefer for instant flushing of solid mess, and also no carpet in there.

Do the covered box trays contain the flicky out litter better? is it mean to swap the cats toilet to something new when she is so good and clean? Do cats like them .. it looks like a stinky box to me? is there anything I haven't thought of?

Advise me wise mumsnet!

Sorry for the ramble. thanks in advance

OP posts:
RedwingWinter · 28/05/2013 21:24

It will help. There will still be some bits that escape, but only by the door so it's only on one side instead of four sides that it can escape from. Another option is to put it inside a low cardboard box, so that the box contains most of the bits.

Some cats aren't very keen on the covered boxes but many don't mind. My two are happy with it. Having it covered and with a filter in really helps to control the smell too.

One of my cats had never used a cat flap before so I demonstrated how the door opened for him, and he got the hang of it right away.

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