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Do you ever wonder what your cat's doing when they go out for the day?

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PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 27/05/2013 18:07

If you own a very chatty cream cat with darker stripes on the legs and tail and absolutely beautiful blue eyes, I can reveal he's spent the past four hours trying to get in through my kitchen window Confused I don't think I've ever met one quite so persistent before! He's talking to me every time I walk past too.

Oh, and if your sneaky long-haired black cat was out last week it was trying a new hunting technique. We have a bird house like this and it had squashed itself inside, waiting for the birds to visit. Until I spotted it and chased it off.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 18:09
cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 18:14

Actually I shouldn't laugh at the first one because unless you're cooking roast chicken (and even then) four hours trying to get in sounds as if he thinks you're his home.

You haven't moved there recently, have you?


PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 27/05/2013 18:22

Nope, been here over twenty years. But I am cooking a roast chicken, so I think that might be the answer Grin

Actually, I think he thinks I'm there for his amusement as well. The side's under the window, so when he's not been pawing at the window he's been watching me chop vegetables and getting very excited when I turn the tap on!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 18:26

Fingers crossed it's the chicken, then. Your problem may come if he's still there at 11 in the evening and still trying to get in - decisions, etc. I'd be thinking about giving him some water outside if he's still there soon. (He may know what a tap is for instance and be thirsty.)

nothruroad · 27/05/2013 18:33

I love when you see a cat just walking about going about his day. They always look so busy and purposeful. Wish I had a cat.

cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 18:36

You should go out in the early hours of a summer night - it's Catsville out there. They're everywhere. On rooftiles, on walls ........ everywhere.

No chance of you getting one then, nothruroad ?

cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 18:44

Summer morning early hours I meant. For the avoidance of doubt.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 27/05/2013 18:49

He's left now. I took out a bowl of water for him and gave him a bit of a fuss. He was very friendly, weaving in and out of my legs and purring like mad.

He ignored the water though and had a drink from the bird bath instead Hmm

Anyway, he hopped up on the fence and wandered off quite happily. Fingers crossed he's on his way home now, but I will keep an eye out for him. Perhaps he's just a flirt and couldn't believe I didn't want to stroke him Grin A friend of mine had a Tonkinese that would beg you to make a fuss of her, and as soon as you did she'd move on to the next person!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 18:51

Phew - at least no heavy decisions to make at bedtime, then.


We'll have to wait and see if he's back tomorrow.

Fluffycloudland77 · 27/05/2013 19:35

I think mine works in a quarry, the red mud he gets on his paws is very quarry-like.

Maybe he's saving to buy me a new three piece suite to replace the one he's ruined.

You can get tracking devices for them, it goes on their collars.

whiteandyellowiris · 27/05/2013 19:40

i'd love to see what my cat gets upto

crazynanna · 27/05/2013 19:43

Mine, when I have the balls to let her out , comes home with cobwebs hanging off whiskers, and those sticky thistles clinging to her head Hmm

cate16 · 27/05/2013 19:46

Mine spends her days winding next doors door up until the poor dog gets told off! Not in a really mean way though- as sometimes she [cat] goes and sits cuddled up with her [dog] in their garden.

hugoagogo · 27/05/2013 19:48

My cat sometimes ventures as far as the bottom of the garden, she likes a quiet life.

Next doors cat is usually to be found down there too and a wide selection of cats from round about, seem to congregate there too; I don't know why they like it so much.

Sometimes I see local cats weeing over the drain in our road, which I always think is pleasingly efficient. Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 27/05/2013 19:53

Hug, your cats a catnip dealer.

cozietoesie · 27/05/2013 19:59

\link{\catnip shame}


hugoagogo · 27/05/2013 20:23

That would explain a lot.

deliasmithy · 27/05/2013 21:32

I have just googled 'cat on bird table'. Brilliant.

sashh · 28/05/2013 05:39

Mine holds court with the cats next door, she jumps on their gas meter and they sit around looking at her as if she is teaching them something.

Then she goes to see Norman at the top of the street. She sits on his wheelie bin for a while then taps on the window to be let in.

If Norman doesn't have any cat food in she goes to the shop with him to buy some.

Afternoons are normally spent keeping other cats out of the garden and annoying the dog whose garden backs on to mine.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 28/05/2013 23:15

Well, I think he might be lost Sad I came downstairs and found him curled up on my sofa the cheeky thing!

He seems quite happy and doesn't want to go away (I tried putting him out, he just cried at the door, and it's raining hard, so I let him back in) so he's asleep in a cardboard box in the living room now. I'll take him to the V-E-T in the morning and see if he's chipped.

From googling, it looks like he might be a tabby point Siamese, and he's definitely somebody's (he's jumped on my knee when I put the television on and settled down for a nice fuss!). I so hope he's chipped. I know if he were mine I'd be distraught if I lost him, he's lovely Smile slightly in love

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 28/05/2013 23:59

Ah hah. Sounds like he could well be a tabby point. Might I gently enquire how masculine he still is ? (I'm assuming not completely because otherwise, if he's a Siamese, he'd want to stay out and kill things or fraternise with the ladies rather than coming in to talk to you.)

See what the vet says tomorrow about a chip and let us know.


PS - Siamese can be dumped and turfed out just as non-pedigrees can but maybe as well not to get too attached just at the moment. Very hard, I know.

cozietoesie · 29/05/2013 00:07

PS - \link{\catchat lost and found} has some advice on what to do.


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MumnGran · 29/05/2013 08:39

Would agree that you have given a thumbnail description of a Tabby Point, and have to tell you Siamese are some of the worst in the world for assuming part-time resident rights.

I have several stories from Siamese owners whose boy eats & sleeps at three different houses while she is out at work all day, returning in time to sit on the gatepost to wait for her car at 5.30, looking as though he has been lonely and abandoned all day Smile

Another who has had to put a basket outside her front gate with all the soft toys in, that her girl keeps bringing home. They have no idea whose cat-flap she is breaking & entering to retrieving them all from.

Yet another is the bane of the neighbourhood, happily nipping in through cat flaps to help himself to something tasty ....and was actually chased down the road by an angry chap, whose pork chop was still being firmly held in the cats mouth!

Gotta love 'em Grin

cozietoesie · 29/05/2013 09:48

I hear you. My Mom was very worried that her Fourago was off his food - until she discovered that the blighter was going next door and batting his baby blues at the neighbours to get little (Huh!) taste treats of salmon and chicken and...and....and......


If he's still with you, I'd personally be prepared to take this one to the vet to check for a chip though. Scoundrels though some of them are, Siamese usually go home for bedtime - they're usually addicted to night-time cuddles - so if this one has wanted to stay with you all night, I'd also be inclined to think 'lost' as a possibility.

If no chip, and he shows no signs of leaving, contact one of the Welfare Officers at the \link{\Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust} - you can email them - and they'll put the word out even if you're in a part of the country they don't regularly cover.

Let us know how it goes.

TooTabooToBoo · 29/05/2013 09:59

Ah, I hope he is chipped and can be reunited with his owners. My girl disappeared a few weeks ago and I was distraught. She is now home and lovely, almost repentant Shock

My Ginger Moron spends his,days playing with next door but one's Nortie Tortie Grin

We are having the gas mains replaced and the entire street is full of big holes. They sit and watch the workmen during the day and once the men have gone home the holes become a playground Hmm They literally play non-stop, jumping in and out, commando rolls, tigger pounce each other. It's hilarious.

When there are no workmen/holes to be found they play hide, seek and pounce in my ornamental grasses Grin

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