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Spayed cat in heat - cat and I upset

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deliasmithy · 18/05/2013 17:39

I got my female cat neutered last year.
Last night she started miaowing and she is normally almost mute. She has also been sitting on my lap and she is not a lap cat. I got 2 hours sleep last night due to the all the noise and when I found her parading around the house with bum in the air I knew she was in heat.

Went to the vets this morning with her and very matter of factly they said they'd had a recent similar case. They said its either vet error and some "remnants" had been left behind causing a hormone surge, or she has had other female tissue etc growing elsewhere that they wouldn't know about causing the same thing. She then said she graciously wouldn't charge us for this 5 minute consultation, that the only solution is major surgery, as in cutting her all the way down her middle and rumaging around. If its vet error it would be free otherwise we pay for it.

This is also in the context that 2 months ago the same vet practice gave us antibiotics for dogs by mistake instead of for cats, some 10 times stronger than needed! When this was pointed out to them they initially refused to swap the medicine telling us to cut it up instead , we had to kick up a fuss for it to be sorted.

So we feel petrified of having our cat treated by this vet again. Im going to go to another vets on Monday and dont care about the cost.
But I don't know about the surgery . It seems so severe and she is a very small cat. I am worried she wouldn't make it.
But ive spent today with her and she is so distracted by calling for boys she is off her food and frightened the neighbours with her yelping. Our other cat is also freaked out and has been brawling with her more which has created tension between them.
To cap it all off I had just agreed to take in an unwanted neutered boy cat. Do I cancel this?

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Umanayana · 18/05/2013 17:47

This is exactly what has happened with one of our girls. Not full season as she is not calling. But attracting toms and causing fights. Vet suggested same, op to check for remnants, which they would charge us for if none found. I spoke to another vet who said they could do hormone tests instead but would be quite expensive. We haven't done either as it seems to be getting less frequent. Cat is about 7, so perhaps she's menopausal?! Not sure what to do about the tom, sorry.

Caught11 · 18/05/2013 18:03

We had this with our cat, she was neutered as a kitten( was originaly my daughters cat who then lived in newcastle) , then about a year later started fussing about , took her to the vet who did the hormone came back and she got re neutered.My DH would have passed out if he knew how much it cost,but couldnt have put up with the meowing etc for the next how many years!

deliasmithy · 18/05/2013 18:07

My cat is only 2!

Im just so worried about a major op that seems due to human error and me prioritising a good night's sleep.

After her last op she had tears in her eyes and wouldn't look at me or go near me for weeks, ive never seen anything like it or been that upset.

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thecatneuterer · 18/05/2013 18:24

This is something that does happen, and it doesn't mean your original vet was no good. Your cat should have no problems with a second operation. It shouldn't really be any more of a major op than the original spaying was. And it really is something you have to do. I would be tempted to take up the original vet's offer of doing it free of charge, but that is of course up to you.

And it shouldn't affect you taking in an unneutered male. After all you will be having him neutered straight away I would expect, and your girl will also be sorted out so there shouldn't be any problem. May be though it would be a good idea to try to keep them separate for a couple of weeks until both their respective hormones calm down.

deliasmithy · 22/05/2013 12:01

Cat is finally out of heat, sleep at last!
The new vet said it would be £ 100-200 for the op and we have to wait until she is next in heat.
Boy cat arriving this evening.
Fingers crossed.

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