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Fostering Pregnant Cats

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KittensandKids · 04/05/2013 09:38

My local cat rescue are looking for people to foster pregnant cats, I mentioned elsewhere (under different name) that I was getting 'kitten broody' so I was going to call them.

I have cats already and wondered if this would be a problem? I have most of my old breeding equipment, heat pads, feeding bottles, I am thinking I would have to get all the supplies in though before I could take a girl on?

I have a quiet house, I do have 2 boys but believe it or not they are relatively quiet and loved it when I was breeding the kittens, they are 9 and 13, I used to have mum and kittens in my bedroom so would most likely do that again, so they are kept quiet, failing that, we forget about the downstairs loo a lot and it's a warm little room.

Is there anything else I need to think of? I would possible need money set aside of vet bills wouldn't I or would I, my vet used to let me pay him monthly? Any advice would be great. Thanks

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 04/05/2013 09:44

Wouldn't the cat rescue be paying for vets bills ? (Or would this be in the way of a contribution from you?)

KittensandKids · 04/05/2013 10:09

Hi cozietoes, I just spoke with them she is delighted to hear from me, she said they would supply everything as they had, milk, food etc there already, they urgently need people so are coming to do a home visit asap. They have extra litter trays etc. I gave 4 away last year. I also gave away 2 crates which was a bit silly thinking back.

I need to tidy my bedroom Blush I said they could go there or downstairs loo. Do I need to hide the dog ? Even though the dog loves kittens. Or show then pics of the yappy dog with the kittens all cuddled in? I am unsure if the dog is staying tbh. That's another thread though.

A lot of their Fosterers go on holiday at this time of year but I don't, my parents take the DC for a few weeks and I stay and watch mine and their cats.

Oh I am so excited I just hope they accept me, they have a mum in shelter with 4 day old babies just now.

I feel like a child with a box of fluffy kittens (almost)

Obviously I cannot keep ANY as then I cannot foster to get more

That will be my mantra if I get accepted.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 04/05/2013 20:47

hi i work for a cat rescue and dogs unless they are going to eat mom and kittens are usually welcome as this gets the kits used to dogs which is an advantage when rehoming and children aswell, i foster momless kittens and in my house they get used to a dog, other cats, grandchildren the works lol look on facebook if your on there on yorkshire cat rescues page a lot of the foster moms put pics on

issey6cats · 04/05/2013 20:49

and be warned some of the kits get to your heart i had two little black kits and one of them was so hard to give back because he was a little monkey with a huge personality, but back he went and him and his brother went off to live together

KittensandKids · 06/05/2013 11:46

I will see if they call back, I haven't heard anything as yet..
If I was accepted then I would have to be careful about getting attached and remember I cannot do it if I keep kittens, I know what you mean about becoming attached to them, some seem to stick in my mind more than others, from the past.

I love the very active ones, or 'curtain climbers' as my son used to call them.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 06/05/2013 22:29

oh yes korki was a curtain climber alright lol if the rescue you are in touch with is anything like us we tend to get a phone call, we take the persons number , then e mail or ring round the list of fosterers to see if anyone wants to foster a particular cat and is suited to do so, eg a cat who dosent like children would go to a non children house, and then when someone says yes the office co ordinates when cat brought in and foster parent comes down to pick up cat/ kittens and supplies, so dont give up hope its early in the season

cozietoesie · 06/05/2013 22:37

Is there still quite so much of a season these days, issey, as far as you can see? Genuine question because I've been getting the impression that shelters are full to the gills pretty well all the year round now.

(Having said which, it's only in the last few nights that I've had the local temptress howling beneath the windows.)

KittensandKids · 07/05/2013 07:38

My local cat rescue still has it's peak around this time, due to cats giving birth in peoples gardens etc, the lady I spoke with said they usually find up to 300 (including kittens)

Just now there are 3 mums with kittens at fosterers, one mum and 4 day old kittens in the rescue and one pregnant mum yet to have hers yet.

They didn't phone yesterday, I checked my phone repeatedly it could have been a holiday but Hmm.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 07/05/2013 09:39

hi yes while its true that there are moms having kittens nearly all year now , this is still the beginning of the moms coming into view mainly because the weather is better and the moms dont have to stay sheltered so much, if they havent got back to you maybe give them a ring and ask them when they can arrange your homecheck, they might have got busy and the message wasnt passed on to whoever co ordinates the fosters, our rescue already has 29 moms and about 60 kittens in foster a shame you dont live near enough to foster for ours as you would definitely have kits and mom by now as bradford has a huge problem with people not neutering, strays, abandoned cats, feral colonies and all the rescues in our area are under a massive strain

cozietoesie · 07/05/2013 09:43

Thanks for that, issey. Bad news about the strain on rescues, though.

issey6cats · 07/05/2013 10:11

cosie mainly round here its because a big shelter in leeds closed down so theres people from leeds calling wheras before they didnt, and the rspca (spit) changing thier policy of which cats they will now take in has put the burden onto people like us and cats protection and other independant rescues and a population shift in the area to people from eastern europe who have brought with them the attitude of cats are not pampered gods and godesses but animals that can care for themselves which has meant that there are a lot more uneutered cats in the areas where this has happened, the poor lady from bradford cats protection is out every day trying to stem the tide i feel so sorry for her she regularly picks up maybe two or three cats who have kits or are pregnant every day, does TNR on colonies of ferals and apart from a few who care no one seems to give a toss about these poor cats, i wish i lived local to her as i would help her more

MumnGran · 07/05/2013 10:19

KittensandKids ... do also ask if the kittens will be re-homed from your home, or taken into the rescue centre at 8-10 weeks. Both ways work well, but you do need to be aware if you will be expected to handle potential homers visiting, and introducing them to the kittens.

You sound exactly the sort of person I loved to hear from as a potwential fosterer, so I am sure they will be delighted to have you on board :-)

KittensandKids · 07/05/2013 15:00

They are on their way Shock

Will read thread and ask about the re-homing thing.

I wonder if they will check my bedroom

OP posts:
MumnGran · 07/05/2013 15:03

I expect they will want to see that you have a clean, safe secure area for them ...... so if that's the bedroom, then I would expect them to want to see it Smile

Son't worry Kitten will be fine Smile Smile

KittensandKids · 07/05/2013 15:19

Yes, I have ran up and checked. It's still tidy from Saturday. I forget it's just me in it.

I'm thinking their visit will coincide with DS2 rushing in from school.

I think they try to re-home straight from the fosterers looking at the website.

Oh here they come

OP posts:
KittensandKids · 07/05/2013 15:42

They are coming back when they have some kittens! Grin

Kittens and Mum stay here, then Mum goes at 6 weeks back to Rescue, kittens stay here with us for 2 weeks then to Rescue to be re-homed.


No pregnancies which is probably a good thing

OP posts:
MumnGran · 07/05/2013 16:06
issey6cats · 07/05/2013 16:43

wow lots of fun when you get your family of furries xx

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