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My beautiful kitty hasn't come home. :(

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SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 06:47

My lovely little grey kitty didn't come home last night, she's never done this before and it just isn't like her.

What the hell do I do? I have such a bad feeling.

OP posts:
TeWiSavesTheDay · 25/04/2013 07:18

Oh no.

Mine is missing too - 4 days. Really unlike him.Sad

I would wait at least 24hrs before you panic, and leave something tummy and smelly (like tuna) just outside your catflap to remind her where home is.

So far we've looked all around our local area calling for him and carrying crunchies and gone back to our old house and done the same there.

Rang our local vets and rescue centres - one of them recommended the animal finder website, so tried that too.

Printed out lots of flyers and put them through doors asking people to call us if they see him, and check sheds/garages in case he has been shut in during warm weather.

I'm going to keep doing that today, and take posters to pet shop vet and put up on lamp posts.

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 07:34

Oh no. I'm so sorry. It's horrid isn't it?

My 3 have only really been outdoor cats for just under a year, except my girl who is missing just now, she used to get out in DP and I's old garden, she never normally goes further than the back garden and only stays out for about an hour at most.

I am so worried, we're a bit out of the way and there's tons of foxes here.

I will try doing what you have and phoning local rescues etc, I can't print out flyers as I have realised I don't have a picture of her!!

I'm just back, have been out looking for her again, we went out last night as well, she isn't anywhere around.

I hope you find your kitty soon. x

OP posts:
amigababy · 25/04/2013 07:35

for both of you, have faith. my friends cat went missing for a month. she was distraught. And then the cat came back, underweight but healthy. my friend was so happy. hope it works out ok for you too.

Sparklingbrook · 25/04/2013 07:38

Oh no. I hope the missing cats come back soon. Is it the milder weather I wonder? I have had trouble getting Sparkling Cat to come in at night.

TeWiSavesTheDay · 25/04/2013 07:43

The vets seemed pretty sure our boy would be shut in a shed somewhere because of the weather. neighbours have been very kind and helpful about looking for him, so hopefully...

But tbh, he was acting a bit off that morning so I am really doubting myself.

Good luck Schro - if she doesn't normally go far away hopefully she'll turn up soon!

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 07:44

Sparkling I'm in Glasgow, it's really wet here. :(

Amiga I have been thinking about people like that but I just have a bad feeling... I'm glad your friend got her cat back. :)

OP posts:
marzipanned · 25/04/2013 07:47

Oh no, another missing cat. So many at the moment :(

Nothing to add except keep asking round the neighbourhood, keep leaving out yummy food for him, and don't lose hope - we had one as a child who was run over and went missing for a month afterwards. We were all sure he had died but he had just gone somewhere quiet to be alone and recover.

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 07:49

Te Maybe he will turn up then, hopefully he was just looking for a bit of heat and someone finds him. :)

Have just phoned the local emergency vets, both of them with no luck. :(

Am going to try SPCA at 9am and if no luck there will go out again and ask the neighbours.

Good luck to you too. x

OP posts:
WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 25/04/2013 07:55

Another cat owner checking in to say don't give up hope. Ours disappeared for a week and came home in the middle on the night purring and paddling on me in bed.

Another cat got stuck in a garage. Yet another got stuck on a neighbours' flat roof extension.

Not knowing what has happened is just the worst.

firstpost · 25/04/2013 08:00

Aw, sorry - its so horrid when this happens Sad

Ours disappeared too, turned up nine days later having been shut in somewhere.

Other things to try, definitely the leaflet through doors and posters as suggested above. Empty your hoover on your front and back door step. Contact local vets and cat rescue places with a description or send a flyer. Check local newspaper for lost pets section. I even rang the bin men! Think they thought I was a crazy cat lady but at that point I didnt care.

Any pets found killed on the road are usually picked up by the council so just to rule it out a phone call to them too? Hope that's not insensitive to suggest.

No news is usually good news in this situation. All the best

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 08:10

It is the worst when you don't know what has happened. :(

First Not insensitive, for some reason I am just assuming the worst, I don't know why. She vanished one night and turned out she was stuck in a cupboard in the house, I wasn't worried that time (no idea why) but this time I feel sick to my stomach.

How would I go about phoning them?

I can't do leaflets as I don't have a picture of her! I am kicking myself for that now.

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 25/04/2013 08:49

How awful. You can still do leaflets even without a picture. Just give a description and ask people to check garages and sheds.

CarpeVinum · 25/04/2013 08:55

It is awful and it is impossible (well for me anyway) to not fear the worst.

However, if it offers any comfort, my daft black bugger wandered in last night after being AWOL for ten days, during which there was a massive three day monsoon.

He is a bit thinner, but otherwise no ill effects.

Leafleting and knocking on niebours door to ask if it is possible your cat might have managed to get themselves locked in their garage or shed and could they keep an ear out for a pissed off miowing in their vicinity will give you something that makes you feel a bit more in charge ofnthe situation.

And I'll keep everything crossed. It really is a horrible feeling. So big fat hug.

firstpost · 25/04/2013 08:56

Oh, that sick feeling is just fear and worry and is natural under the circumstances.

I rang the main council number for my area, explained the situation and spoke to someone who was clearly used to receiving calls like mine. If she is chipped they often have scanners. I then rang again to speak to the guy in charge of the bins, he was great actually and gave a flyer to his drivers.

Deffo still do a flyer, a big "please help" in red letters will get their attention.

FWIW I was so utterly convinced my cat was never coming back, I mean 100% convinced. Until that wonderful sound of the cat flap at 4am 9 days later.

mrsden · 25/04/2013 09:03

I hope she turns up soon. My cat did this last week, she turned up 30 hours later with no explanation of where she'd been and then slept it off for the rest of the day.

Even with no picture you can still do leaflets and posters with a description, you could use a cartoon photo to get people's attention. Ask neighbours to check their sheds, garages etc. If you're on FB post it on there too and ask friends to share with people who live in your area. Also, phone the council.

cozietoesie · 25/04/2013 09:05

Another poster said one time to mention it to your local postie which i think is a really good idea given that they walk the local streets.

Best of luck SchroSaw.

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 09:21

I found her!

She had got herself trapped behind old cots in a room in the house, no idea how she got in there and she wasn't making any noise. Has had a huge drink and is practically inhaling her food.

I feel like an idiot now, she was in here the entire time, I have no idea how she got in there as we had to move loads of stuff to free her (cot bed parts, bits of wood etc). Confused

I'm glad most of you have found your kitties, I'm about to take 2 of mines to get chipped today after last nights events!

I hope those who have lost their cats get them back soon. I just sat hysterically crying before I decided to shout about again. It is the worst feeling.

Thank you to everyone this morning. xx

OP posts:
CarpeVinum · 25/04/2013 09:23


Daft little bugger. Grin

Lots of extra cuddles for the next few days, it will make both of you feel much better.

cozietoesie · 25/04/2013 09:25

Little blighter!

Very pleased for you SchroSaw. Lots of tuna for her today I guess.


SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 09:28

I feel so stupid! How she got in there I have no idea.

I have already taken about a million a couple of pictures now!

Salmon and cuddles for my little Salem today!

OP posts:
whiteandyellowiris · 25/04/2013 09:29

mine did this the other day, went missing for 4 days, i thought he was a goner, as he is 12 years old, but then he turned up

CarpeVinum · 25/04/2013 09:32


Hello you, you lovely "helps people raise and bottle feed orphan tiny kittens" person you Grin

Guess which black and white Lilly is now sterlized and allowed outside, currently trying .gand failing) to catch flies.

She sez Thanks for all the help in keeping her alive and her adoptive mother sane. Plus proffere a few licks. Cos she thinks humans are just bald cats and licks them fervently to try and help keep them clean.

(apologies to OP for minor off topic-itus, but Cozie is my star shaped hero of mammoth cat flavoured proportions and I luffs her)


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SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 09:34

White I am glad he came home! You must have been so worried. :(

Carpe I don't mind at all, happy to be around cat chat people, especially ones who bottle feed tiny orphaned kittens! :o

OP posts:
SchroSawMargeryDaw · 25/04/2013 09:34

Pictures on profile of my bloody ninja cat! :o

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 25/04/2013 09:35

So pleased she's doing well now, Carpe - there were a few rocky days back there.


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