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The litter tray

Is now the right time for a new addition?

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StuffezLaYoni · 17/04/2013 21:12

Now that Scabbers is well and truly de-balled, is now perhaps the right time to get him a little pal? He's a brilliant kitten and full of life, but I'm guiltily aware that I'm out the house all day.
Some questions:
Will the rescue centre know which cats are suitable for my situation?
Do they 'vet' you as a potential owner?
What if they don't get on?
My kittens a boy - is a spayed girl the best option?

Thanks all!

OP posts:
marzipanned · 17/04/2013 21:34

Yes - but it's just a quick homecheck - a look at your house, questions on where the food/litter tray/etc will be. Takes about 20 mins and is very relaxed.
If they don't get on, they don't get on. Ours' don't, but they are both happy, loving and most importantly very loved cats - so I think that's better than one of them still being in the rescue centre.
I wouldn't set your mind on a particular sex, just go along to the rescue centre, explain your situation and they will recommend a suitable kitty.

More cats = more joy!

StuffezLaYoni · 17/04/2013 21:36

Thanks marzipanned! Do you pay for rescue cats and if so, how much?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 17/04/2013 21:38

Depends on the rescue centre, Stuffez - but they usually come with a chip, shots and already neutered so it's not as expensive as it may seem.

StuffezLaYoni · 17/04/2013 21:41

Wow - that's good!
I must admit to being shamelessly influenced by the lovely kitten thread from earlier... Though I have been thinking he would be happier with a playmate for a while. I will visit my local rescue place at the weekend!

OP posts:
marzipanned · 18/04/2013 10:00

I think we paid £50 per cat from Celia Hammond (catneuterer can correct me!) BUT as cozie says it's economically a bargain as the cats were chipped, neutered, etc, and emotionally it's a bargain too, because the happiness that they have brought with them is absolutely priceless.

So excited for you! (By the way, you're not anywhere near London are you? Just thinking of the massive influx that CH currently has...)

thecatneuterer · 18/04/2013 13:40

All rescues have their own policies. And I see you're in the North East so I don't know which your local one would be.

Celia Hammonds always do a home check, and it's just as Marzipanned said. We don't make a charge as such but we do ask for a donation which would ideally cover the costs of neutering (if the cat wasn't already neutered), vaccinations and microchip - so yes, around the £50 mark if possible.

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