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Is my cat ill?

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ReadyToRumble · 29/03/2013 16:08

He is a 2 year old british shorthair rescue cat.

He is totally off his food, will not eat his pouches or meat at all although he will drink milk.

He seems very 'quiet' and is just laying around for a lot of time. I am getting lots of extra cuddles Smile

He also usually goes out on a night time and comes back in a morning but hasnt been out at allfor the past few nights.

Cant work out if hes ill and needs to see a vet, if he is just feeling under the weather or if he has had a scary experience outside which is why he doesnt want to go out. Any ideas?

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Fluffycloudland77 · 29/03/2013 16:13

Possibly, sounds like mine when he has an infection.

Off to the vets for you.

They don't show their ill until its fairly advanced anyway.

ReadyToRumble · 29/03/2013 16:20

Ok thanks fluffy I shall get him in at vets. Best to be on the safe side Smile

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