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The litter tray

Cat with cystitis

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Horsemad · 26/03/2013 20:56

Aww, my poor little girl cat has got cystitis Sad Came home to find her hunched up on her bed & she was struggling to wee.

Took her straight to the vet & she's had an antibiotic jab and got a painkiller medicine.
She's looking a lot brighter already thank God. Smile

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thecatneuterer · 26/03/2013 21:04

It's great that you got her treated straight away. She'll be fine in 24 hours. It's a miserable illness - for cats and people.

Horsemad · 26/03/2013 21:13

Thanks, luckily our surgery had just opened for afternoon surgery so got in immediately.
Vet said we can put cranberry juice on her food and it will help. Never had a cat with cystitis before, felt so sorry for the poor thing.

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Wolfiefan · 26/03/2013 21:15

We had a boy who had this. Is she on a dry food?

Samvet · 26/03/2013 21:16

Read this for more info. Cranberry is not indicated but more water is. A wet diet is the best thing.

Horsemad · 26/03/2013 21:21

She has pouches but dry food is always in her other dish so vet has said to stop the dry.
When she's weeing normally again the vet wants a urine sample from her as they did a sample today which indicated raised glucagen so they are querying diabetes.

Can anyone recommend 'good' wet food please?
Have to go out for a bit now but will come back later, thanks! Smile

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Wolfiefan · 26/03/2013 21:23

Thank you samvet. Our boy was put on a wet diet. No recurrence. (He was neutered but not indoor, Persian or overweight. ) I've never seen a cat in so much pain. Poor wolfieboy!

Horsemad · 26/03/2013 22:01

That's an interesting article samvet.
Meant to say in previous post that she rarely eats the dry but it is usually available. Have removed it now though Smile
She's not been going out as often lately because it's so cold. She uses a litter tray willingly.
She's not a persian but is a long haired cat. Not overweight either, so hope it doesn't happen again.

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Horsemad · 26/03/2013 22:02

Wolfie what do you feed your cat?

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Lonecatwithkitten · 26/03/2013 22:07

Ah the cystitis/ blocked cat weather. Encouraging all our cats to increase water intake at these very cold times can help to reduce the risk of this. The easiest way to increase water intake in the short term feed wet food in the long run a water fountain really increases water intake.

Horsemad · 26/03/2013 22:23

Off to investigate water fountains... You'd think staying in a warm centrally heated house would make them thirsty and thus drink more wouldn't you?

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