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The litter tray

Cat shaming. have you seen it?

7 replies

ripsishere · 18/03/2013 05:11

bloody brilliant and I don't even have cats anymore.

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 18/03/2013 06:41

Love it.

ZebraOwl · 18/03/2013 07:02

Had forgotten this existed! Merci bien for the reminder Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 18/03/2013 15:12

The bottom picture with the cat and the kitchen roll is why we don't have kitchen roll in this house.

Kendodd · 18/03/2013 15:16

Yes, but is it as good as ?

Cremolafoam · 18/03/2013 15:31

Love it.Grin

Lovethesea · 18/03/2013 15:42

Brilliant :-)

FancyPuffin · 18/03/2013 16:02

Love it!

Think I should add Kitten for being a sweet little girl cat for the first 4 weeks then sprouting massive testicles Hmm

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