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Urgh, cat shit on ds3s bed

7 replies

LegoAcupuncture · 17/03/2013 19:47

We went out today for the day and somehow the cat got locked in ds3s bedroom. He must have been desperate, but not only did he shit in the bed, he then hid it with the duvet.

Duvet now in wash, but should I bin it? I know cats are creatures of habit and will usually poo where they've pooed before. Will washing it be enough to get the scent out of it? The mattress had a protector on it luckily so that has been flung just in case.

I had to rearrange the room last time he was locked in there and pooed in the corner under he bed as he kept doing it despite me bleaching/washing it.

OP posts:
QueenStromba · 17/03/2013 20:19

Of course he hid it with the duvet! That's their natural instinct.

Did you use biological washing powder? That's the best stuff to clean the smell of cat wee off carpet according to the knowledgeable posters on here. I'd be tempted to wash it twice if I was you though.

LegoAcupuncture · 17/03/2013 20:25

Oh I totally know why he hid it, have had cats all my life.

Will try washing twice, thanks.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 17/03/2013 21:17

I locked ours in the kitchen once, he pooed in the kitchen sink.

I thought it was a good compromise on an embarrassing situation.

OrWellyAnn · 17/03/2013 21:20

We had this on a mattress, and it still smells, will steam cleaning remove the honk? Lego, I'd wash the duvet twice!

LegoAcupuncture · 17/03/2013 21:21

He usually poos in the shower if in dire need and locked in. Just a bit annoyed (win the kids who would have locked him there) that it was on the bed.

OP posts:
thecatneuterer · 17/03/2013 23:24

Biological washing powder and as high a temperature wash as it will take should do the job.

Freyaee · 19/03/2013 16:33

I'm sure it will be fine - your cat will prefer to poop in his usual place (wherever that is) and usually where they can easily bury it, though sounds like he did a good job of compromising with the duvet! I would just wash it the once tbh...unless you feel it needs a second wash, the germs will be killed and the scent should go.

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