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The litter tray

Kitten's latest tactic in his mission send me Round The Bend.

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StuffezLaBouche · 12/03/2013 07:03

Disclaimer : this is entirely light hearted. I love my little boy dearly!
We have just got over the climbing up the curtain stage - total damage: two net curtains. We have now moved on to the 'knocking cups of liquid over and there's not a damn thing you can do about it' stage.

Honestly, if I'm stupid enough to leave a glass of water, can of lager, etc on the table, he will jump up, smell it, look momentarily disgusted and swipe it to the ground!! Of course this prompts dismayed yells from me and he just SITS there!!

Incidentally, anyone else's kitten develop a strange fascination with water? Literally every time he hears me heading to the bathroom he jumps into the bath and looks expectantly from the taps to me. I have to run the water for him to splash around in! I thought kittens hated water?!

OP posts:
ZebraOwl · 12/03/2013 08:49

My two adore frolicking in the bath when there's a tiny bit of water left in it (slow to drain, gah) & we've to be careful if running a bath because they've both been caught on the verge of learning to swim Wink I think, in their case, it might be because where they lived before coming to me there were lots of holes in the roof & thus containers down to catch drips: when I went to visit some of the litter were playing in them. They're terrified of the shower, though, and sprint from the bathroom if I take the showerhead down preparatory to washing my hair over the bath - blonde kitten often sits outside the bathroom & yowls forlornly for me whilst I shower, apparently convinced that The Noisy Hosey-Metally-Wet!Monster is doing violence to me.

Mine will be a year old at the start of next month & still do some spectacularly bonkers things. Black!kitten is forever leaping up onto the pile of books & papers on my bedside table & terrifying himself when they all crash down. He does this routinely, despite the same result Every. Sodding. Time.

Thankfully mine've never been into knocking glasses over. Nor do they try to drink out of them. Though Blonde!kitten did try to warm his paws up in a mug of warm water!

They can be utterly exasperating sometimes, no? But the cutest things in ever...

Lonecatwithkitten · 12/03/2013 09:10

Hmm the posh arrogant boy is 6 and still knocks over vessels containing liquids. He is just fascinated with what happens!

Fluffycloudland77 · 12/03/2013 14:21

Yes, I thought ours did it by accident the first time. I never liked that bud vase anyway.

issey6cats · 12/03/2013 16:37

my big ginger boy developed an obsession with the printer when he was a kitten he had only to hear me switch it on and he would stand there waiting for the paper to come out, the half siamese thinks im not capable of going to the loo on my own he follows me and sits on the side of the bath, the tuxies are brother and sister and broke god knows how many ornaments when they were little and totally destroyed a venetian blind, am so glad they are all grown up now but i do miss them being kittens

monsterchild · 12/03/2013 16:57

My big max still demands that I turn in the tap for him. He also tries to climb the door jams on a regular basis. He likes rio snuggle on my lap when I'm nursing the kidlet but he's to big to fit and falls off

StuffezLaBouche · 12/03/2013 19:10

Oh I'm so glad other people have mad aquatic kitten. Oddly mine hates the shower but loves the bath too! Issey, mine perches on the bath while I'm on the loo as well. Tis is awful, but once I was sitting on the loo and he leapt into my pants around my ankles. To avoid unpleasant cat hair itch around my nether regions I had to shuffle into bedroom and change!
Oh and tonight has indicated we are NOT in fact past the curtain climbing stage..

Incidentally, does anyone low what changes to behaviour I can expect? He's going in at the start of ext month and will be eight months old. Poor baaaaaaaaby!!

OP posts:
ZebraOwl · 12/03/2013 23:17

Blonde!kitten thinks it is his responsibility to accompany me to the loo & gets v cross if I do not wait for him to appear before I shut myself into the bathroom: he gets up in the night to come with me, doing the sweetest sleepy-staggery-stumbly eyes-half-closed pad along before flopping down at my feet. When I first go to the bathroom in the morning both kittens insist on coming with me & ankle-twining & snuggling me because they have missed me so much overnight. Black!kitten likes to hop up onto the cistern and lovingly-gently butt at my head. Their first concern in the morning is snuggling me - as I discovered the morning I thought they'd been fed by my brother so went back to my room to do physio & meds etc & only discovered my mistake on going down to get my breakfast...

sashh · 13/03/2013 07:17

I've had mine for about a year, and she was about a year when she found me.

She has just started climbing the bamboo blind.

She also follows me to the loo, and when I have a bath she somehow curls up on the corner - no idea how she does it, she is much larger than a bar of soap.

msrisotto · 13/03/2013 07:25

Mine likes to push her water bowl so it spills everywhere, so she can drink it off the floor....

I think she learned the evils of the bathroom after jumping into to the toilet bowl as a then - whilst DH was peeing!

msrisotto · 13/03/2013 07:26

As a kitten, not a then

gindrinker · 17/03/2013 17:04

I've come to the conclusion the bathroom obsession is a 'you watch me wee in my tray, I'll watch you wee'
I also have a cat who thinks I need to be monitored in case I drown in the shower...

MissFoodie · 26/03/2013 17:39

he wants to drink out of the tap, mine does out of bath and kitchen taps, they like running water (did you not know??? how dare you think they like stagnant water in a bowl that's been sitting around for hours???? lol)

Leonas · 06/04/2013 09:45

Mine loves water and spend a lot of time lying in the shower cubicle/ bathroom sink. He loves watching water go down the plug hole but I think his obsession with the kitchen sink started when there was a cat biscuit in the sink (soggy, caught in the drain) and he scooped it up and ate it and now he thinks that there will always be soggy old biscuits in the sink?
He also loves knocking things down, including an old cup of coffee that my DP left at the top of the stairs while he when to the loo and kitty splattered all down the walls which had been painted less than a month previously - grrr! The look on his face when he has done something naughty makes up for all of it though ;)

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