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Our cat hates us.

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Rootvegetables · 22/02/2013 20:53

We fostered a pregnant stray from a rescue centre to let the kittens grow up in a home environment all were re homed and the mum, it was lovely a really nice thing and we live cars. We kept two a boy and a girl both neutered/spayed. All was well until our bloody neighbours who already had 5 cats (we didn't know at the time) kept a whole litter of kittens and kittens kittens. It's awful they have about 10 cats the boys tend to wander off. The lady is a cat 'lover' she feeds our cats they go in her house, they share flea infestations it's a total nightmare.
The girl likes our house and our little boy, they sit tiger her she follows him round she's everything and more you want from a cat.
The boy is totally soppy but just seems permanently scared including in our house. He pees everywhere, if you walk into a room he runs out, if my ds makes a noise he shoots out the door. I guess I'm wondering if it would be kinder to regime him than have him miserable with us, I feel bad he's living such a stressful existence but also don't want a house that smells of cat wee. We've tried feliway and catnip with no success.

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Rootvegetables · 22/02/2013 20:54

Sorry I used paragraphs but they've gone!

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issey6cats · 22/02/2013 21:01

it sounds like the boy cat is certainly stressed by the noise in your house and the cats next door, i would get in touch with the rescue you adopted them from as most rescues will take back formaer rescue cats of thiers, he sounds like a calm no children on his own house would be ideal for him. and dont feel bad about it sometimes adoptions work and sometimes they dont if hes still a young cat he will settle better somewhere he isnt stressed, and him weeing everywhere is definitely a stress factor, and i would also be getting onto your neighbour to neuter her bloody cats before you end up with hoarder type numbers next door already sounds like shes not doing very well for her cats if they have fleas and two generations of complete families will be stressing her cats out as nature determines that mom cats have thier kittens then they leave home

thecatneuterer · 22/02/2013 21:48

I would agree with Issey and would really stress that someone needs to do something about your neighbour. If your neighbour can't afford the neutering there are various free schemes offered by charities. If she is refusing to neuter her cats then I would contact the RSPCA for advice and hopefully they will put the frighteners on her as it were. If you're in London then you can contact the Celia Hammond Animal Trust for help with speaking to your neighbour.

Rootvegetables · 23/02/2013 08:58

Thanks for your replies. They are nearly 3 now so beyond the tiny kitten stage. It was actually celia Hammond we got them from and they've been helpful. They suggested we could try and catch the males next door and they could neuter them as strays and put back. I dont think they realky take ownership of the tom cats as they wander iff fir a month ir so at a time. One of the kittens had just one kitten last year and they kept that one as well. Don't know what this spring is going to bring with it. My mum would probably have our boy but I feel like I'm giving up on him, he's actually a lovely cat.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 23/02/2013 14:01

just under 3 is still young cats and if your mom took him on you wouldnt be giving up on him, you would still be able to see him,

one of mine is nervous was as a kitten and 7 years later he still is, but on the whole he gets on with the other cats one of whom is his sister,

and next doors toms are off for that month impregnating god knows how many females, fighting other toms, possibly catching viruses off other toms, possible abcesses from fighting, not eating properly, not sleeping most of the day or night, believe me being a whole free range tom aint much of a life, so you neighbourr is just adding to the problem without admitting liability as what she dosent see she dosent want to know

Rootvegetables · 23/02/2013 20:53

I know Issey it is a shame we've lived her for 3 1/2 years and I can think of 5 cats that did live there and are now gone to who knows where. I think il have a chat to my mum, the girl cat would happily be more indoorsy and probably wouldn't get to involved with the others, we could claim her back properly. I think if there's anymore litters this spring we will have to do something, though what I'm not sure.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 23/02/2013 22:38

unfortunately if your neighbour is feeding her cats, and letting them in the house , until she gets the message that its not fair on the cats to keep breeding theres not a lot you can do except keep trying to get her to get them all done male and female ,as rspca wont do anything till she neglects them and then thier solution is usually take cats, prosecute owner
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