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My cats limping, but she was fine before I left the house earlier

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TheOriginalNutcracker · 05/02/2013 17:25

She same in around 2pm today and went and lay on my bed. I left at 3, and have just come back and she has come downstairs limping.

She same from my room, so she'd probably been asleep the whole time, so how did she injure herself ??

Shall take her to the vets in the morning if it's not better, but it's very confusing.

OP posts:
BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM · 05/02/2013 17:27

could she have caught her claw and pulled it out (ouch!), or slept awkwardly and had a dead-leg?

Failing that, keep an eye on her and vets in the morning as you say.

Fluffycloudland77 · 05/02/2013 17:32

One of mine did this once and it was an abscess in the pad from a fighting wound. They take a while to show themselves.

Abzs · 05/02/2013 17:38

Missed her footing jumping down from somewhere? CatB often jumps up/down to/from the window ledge, which is quite high in the bedroom.

Will she stay in and rest overnight? Then you can check her in the morning.

TheOriginalNutcracker · 05/02/2013 17:43

Yeh I can keep her in tonight.

Have tried to have a look, but she isn't happy to let me touch or look tbh.

She's not insured Confused ....slaps self

OP posts:
TheOriginalNutcracker · 05/02/2013 17:46

Wrapped her in a blanket and got a quick look. Can't see anything obviously wrong, but she won't let me touch it.

OP posts:
TheOriginalNutcracker · 06/02/2013 11:36

Update : I'm confused lol.

She is still limping when walking, but otherwise is using her leg/paw ok, jumping down from things, climbing on things, padding, using her scratch post.

Not sure what to do. Is it ok to leave it another day or two and see if it resolves it's self or not ??

OP posts:
WingDefence · 06/02/2013 11:50

My cat started limping the week before last for no reason. But he let me touch it gently and had no trouble jumping on/off furniture or leaning his full weight on both paws and kneading me (not sure what you'd call it!).

We left it but kept checking and it resolved itself after 4/5 days. If he hadn't have let me touch it or obviously couldn't use his paw then I'd have taken him to the vet straight away. Still not sure what caused it though Confused

TheOriginalNutcracker · 06/02/2013 11:58

Oh that sounds pretty identical to how my cat is behaving.

She will let us touch it now, if she is in the mood. Tbh she's never overly keen on having her paws touched any way. I did manage to stroke her paw, and get a good look at the bad and I can't see anything wrong at all. She is licking it as normal, and using it to wash herself too.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 06/02/2013 12:37

I'm wondering if it isn't her paw but actually the limb itself. She could have had an awkward jump somewhere and strained a muscle - or even had a small run in with a car if you have any round near you?

My instinct is always to head to the vet if a symptom persists because cats soldier on through injuries so defiantly - but in light of her progress, I think you're probably safe enough to monitor her closely for another day and see if it sorts itself by tomorrow. Some of the vets who post here may see your thread and advise.

Let us know how she gets on.

TheOriginalNutcracker · 06/02/2013 12:50

Thanks cozietoes.

OP posts:
MardyArsedMidlander · 06/02/2013 13:16

My cat did this last week- it turned out he'd got his paw wet and didn't like putting it on the ground Blush. Yes, he is a little spoilt....

WingDefence · 06/02/2013 13:32

Mardy Grin

I should also say that he went in and out of the house as usual, wasn't off his food or water or anything like that. I know that can have nothing to do with it, but I thought if he'd have been developing an infection in his paw/leg that would have put him off.

Ultimately, you know your own cat!

IamtheZombie · 06/02/2013 13:36

ZombieCatT used to occasionally limp for no apparent reason. Zombie finally decided she was just an attention seeker. Oddly enough, she's not limped since!

TheOriginalNutcracker · 06/02/2013 14:46

LOL Mardy

Well she has now stopped limping completely, after having a mad run after a stray piece of sellotape Hmm

OP posts:
WingDefence · 06/02/2013 15:24

Hmm Perhaps she had something stuck in between her toes?

Glad she seems better though :)

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