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The litter tray

Litter tray fussiness

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Abzs · 14/01/2013 14:28

Fussy CatB is being a real pain over not using her tray. Or rather, she'll use it once then wee on the mat just next to it or in the bath instead. Then the litter will have to be changed for fresh.

We already have two trays, as she prefers to have separate ones for poos and wees.

She's 7 and we adopted her a year ago, so she came to us with the habit, but started staying in more after her sister went missing and is a lot worse since christmas (took a distinct dislike to MIL and spent the week in hiding).

We have been using the wood pellet litter, but tried some clay litter (Fuller's Earth) which she seems to prefer - will use it twice between cleans and I think it's better for digging in. The clumps clean out better than the wood pellet sawdust does and she'll use it again after that (up to three days). The problem for me is the plain clay doesn't cover the ammonia smell.

Any clumping litter recommendations? (For when we've persevered through the remaining ten kilos of wood pellets...)

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CrazyCatLady13 · 14/01/2013 14:49

The best thing that I've tried for fussy cats is soft sand - play sand doesn't stain and they seem to love it!

If she will use it, then after a few weeks start adding a little of the litter you want her to use, increasing the quantities slowly until she's using just the litter you want with no sand (if that makes sense!)

I don't really like clumping cat litter, and at the moment use Catsan. It may be expensive but I have all 4 using the same tray as it doesn't smell!


cozietoesie · 14/01/2013 16:29

I bought wood pellets for use once - and the kitten promptly peed all over the duvet. After that vote of no confidence, I didn't bother to continue with the rest of the bag; just bought a sack of clumping Fuller's Earth the next morning and the sun shone thereafter.

I've not found it smells much to be honest. I generally use Sainsbury's or Co-op (make sure to use the clumping natural) and LIDL's also have a humungous and cheap bag which I have one of for emergencies. (Seniorboy will use it but prefers the other two which are very slightly finer.) They're all good value.

I know that other posters have different preferences. It mainly boils down to that which your cat prefers, I think. Otherwise you might get 'protest accidents'.


PS - if she's taken against the wood pellet, I wouldn't bother persevering. Your local Cat Rescue might be very grateful for it.

VeganCow · 14/01/2013 19:17

the best one is the crystal litter, lasts a couple weeks beofre needs changing, i know its not a clumping one but try it.

Fluffycloudland77 · 14/01/2013 19:22

Chick crumb. Black farm gates website has a list of stockists.

It's really fine and clumps well.

Cats do love sand though. Dh wanted to build the cat a sandpit but I said he was taking it too far.

Paiviaso · 15/01/2013 12:45

I used Cat's Best Öko Plus. It's really good - covers odours, cats like it, and you can put it in the compost. It does track though.

I have heard good things about chick crumb too, but I have not tried it.

Abzs · 15/01/2013 20:41

Thanks for all the suggestions!

We'll probably have another go with the Fuller's Earth. It did occur to me that the smell may be down to me being pg and a bit smell sensitive, rather than an actual smell. Especially when she threw up a fur ball and her breakfast and I promptly joined in...

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