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The litter tray

My cat keeps weeing on my sofa!!

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Loveleopardprint · 13/01/2013 13:35

My cat, a male neutered 3 yr old, Russian blue keeps weeing on my sofa. Why has he started doing this? It is driving me insane! It is a leather sofa and he has ruined it. He does not seem ill or different in any other way. We have had a puppy since last Easter and they fight but the weeing has only been recent. Help?!!

OP posts:
vnmum · 13/01/2013 15:34

Is it just the sofa or is he weeing elsewhere?
Is the litter tray always clean?
Is it big wees or lots of little ones?

Loveleopardprint · 13/01/2013 20:00

It seems to be one big wee every now and then. Has also done it twice on my bed. Not great at remembering litter tray. Do about once a week. Is that too little??

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 13/01/2013 20:30

I do our cats litter tray twice a day.

Loveleopardprint · 13/01/2013 20:38

Wow. Ok def failing on that front. Will go and do at once!!Blush

OP posts:
spanky2 · 13/01/2013 20:49

My cat did this when she had cystitis.Sad

vnmum · 13/01/2013 20:58

You need to clean the tray twice daily if you only have 1 tray. Some cats are fussy and want 1 tray for wees and 1 for poos so if they do a poo and you only have 1 tray they will then find somewhere else to do the wee. They usually pick somewhere soft to go as they like to feel the yeild under their feet, hence the use of beds, sofas etc.

With cystitis it is normally lots of small wees in odd places. Big wees occasionally is usually due to behavioural reasons, i.e stress or unclean trays.

spanky2 · 13/01/2013 21:06

Yes actually now you have said it I do remember . Sorry I wasn't a help. Maybe he is trying to make the sofa smell of cat.

Loveleopardprint · 13/01/2013 21:10

Well he has definitely succeeded if that is his plan!!

OP posts:
Paiviaso · 15/01/2013 12:51

You need to get him checked for infection first off, especially if this is a sudden change in behaviour.

Have there been in any changes in your household recently that could be stressing him?

Your litter tray situation sounds a bit dire - it should be cleaned daily. You probably want to add a second one now that a problem has developed.

You also need everything the best you can to get rid of the wee smells - enzyme spray like urine-off will be your friend! He will be tempted to go again in places that smell like his wee.

Paiviaso · 15/01/2013 12:52

"clean everything" I meant to say there

Loveleopardprint · 16/01/2013 17:35

Ok thank you. I am onto it!! Thanks for suggestions.

OP posts:
tabbycat15 · 18/01/2013 12:54

You could try crystal litter as it absorbs the wee. You only need to clean out the poo. If switching from clumping to crystal u will have to mix a bit on gradually as some cats can be scared of the noise at first when they dig.
You need to clean off the wee with stuff from the pet shop to remove the odour. They will keep coming back to the same spot otherwise.

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