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Kitten - 16 weeks - throwing up after each feed - still seems bouncy and happy

11 replies

NormaStanleyFletcher · 24/12/2012 13:57

She is not keeping down kitten food or kitten milk

She is alert. Not my cat btw, mum DMs


OP posts:
cozietoesie · 24/12/2012 14:00

Has she been wormed?

I'd have her down to the vet sharpish.

NormaStanleyFletcher · 24/12/2012 14:46

At vets :)

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 24/12/2012 15:10

Well done.

cozietoesie · 24/12/2012 20:09

How did she get on at the vet?

NormaStanleyFletcher · 24/12/2012 21:03

Sorry not been back - Christmas Eve Chaos. Thank you for asking :)

Vet said it may be worms or an infection. Has given anti-emetics, anti runs, and some worming stuff. She has put on good weight well since they last saw her. So watching brief. She has not thrown up again since the anti-emetic injection, and is now on a diet of just white fish or white meat, no cat food.

She is the cutest thing on earth. May try to put a pic of her on here tomorrow

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 24/12/2012 21:23

Worms was always a possibility. Hope she does well over the festive break. Let us know.

Xmas Smile

Fluffycloudland77 · 25/12/2012 09:48

I had this with ours, in the end I put him on cereal free food ie pouches because I realised cereals affect his gut.

He was throwing up and having a runny tummy.

TheSilveryTinsellyPussycat · 29/12/2012 00:30

I don't suppose she is feeding kitten cat food fresh out of the fridge? Twas a long time ago, but in our ignorance we did this with our kitten. Then it dawned on me... Now I keep food in the cupboard.

NormaStanleyFletcher · 30/12/2012 23:38

Kitten is fine after worming. Looks like tht was the problem

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 31/12/2012 08:38

Glad she's better NormaStanleyFletcher. I'm sure you'll be keeping a weather eye on her nonetheless.


PS - and where's that picture?

cozietoesie · 31/12/2012 08:45

PS - and while I don't generally like to second-guess vets, I'm just a little surprised that they didn't worm her the first time they saw her, given that most kittens have worms -which would have avoided your Mum's worry. (You implied that this was her second visit.)

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