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Smelly cat + clinkers

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beckslovestimmy · 10/12/2012 17:11

Recently one of my cats has started to fart a lot and they are really smelly and he keeps farting out clinkers (little hard balls of poop) why is he doing this. We haven't changed his food recently. He's well in himself, still eating and drinking normally????

OP posts:
CrazyCatLady13 · 11/12/2012 11:21

You could try using acidopholus (not sure of spelling) - they're capsules of live bacteria that you can open and sprinkle on his food. This should help with any imbalances in his gut.

You can get the capsules from health food shops.

These were brilliant when I had a cat who was on antibiotics for months. I used one capsule per day and they really helped him.

Also, has he been wormed recently? If not it might be worth doing.


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