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My poor old lady might not make it

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browneyesblue · 08/12/2012 21:14

My poor old cat has been ill recently, and has deteriorated rapidly.

We took her to the vet last week, and they gave her a long-lasting antibiotic shot and an anti-inflammatory. She seemed to improve for a couple of days, but started to get worse than she had been. DH took her to a different vet on Friday, and they weren't able to examine her properly because she was too scared. They gave her some painkillers, just in case, and booked her in for the whole day on Monday.

Today was her worst day yet. Instead of staggering a little, which she started doing last week, she has been falling over completely :(

DH has taken her to the out-of-hours vet, who is going to anaesthetise her now so he can examine her properly. He said there is a good chance she might not survive the anaesthetic though.

She has been with DH and I for over 15 years, ever since she was a kitten. I can't stop blubbing, because I'm pretty sure that either way, her odds aren't good. Poor DH is upset too.

I'm really posting here so that I can tell you about my funny cat. She is not a cuddly, friendly cat - never has been. She's grumpy and pushy, but she's ours and we love her. When she was younger, her favourite game was fetch. We used a Pringles lid as a tiny frisbee, and she would drop it on your knee or at your feet, then dance around waiting for you to throw it so she could chase it and bring it back. We used to describe her as a cat that acted like a dog, and thought she was a human.

She has mellowed very slightly in her old age, and is very tolerant of DS (2.5), who sometimes forgets he has to be gentle and just throws himself at her to cuddle her. When he cries, she comes and sits next to him and nudges him with her nose, even this week while she has been so ill. She has never been that nice or gentle with another human being.

Peanut is our lovely, complex, fourth family member.

OP posts:
RedwingWinter · 08/12/2012 21:27

I'm so sorry to hear this. She sounds like a very special cat. How lovely that she goes to comfort your DS like that, and even when she is poorly. I'll be thinking of you and Peanut x

browneyesblue · 08/12/2012 21:45

Thank you x

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 08/12/2012 22:23

Thinking of you all.


browneyesblue · 08/12/2012 22:47

Thank you

The vet just phoned to say that she made it through the sedation and following procedure. She stopped breathing twice, and had 350ml of fluid drawn from her chest. Her heart rate is still slow, but she's alert and has eaten.

The vet thinks it's a heart problem, and is keeping her in until Monday so he can speak to the ultrasound tech about it. She's not out of the woods, but I am so relieved that she's not in any pain.

Our circumstances changed drastically when I was made redundant, and we haven't been able to insure her for years because of her age. I have been so scared of the day coming that we wouldn't be able to afford this sort of treatment (our local vet only takes payment up front and we couldn't afford to keep taking her there). I have no idea how much any of this is going to cost, but we are so lucky to have found Celia Hammond's, who are low cost and will hopefully work out a payment plan if the costs get too high.

It's still touch and go, but she's comfortable and being looked after.

OP posts:
BelleDameSousMistletoe · 08/12/2012 23:00

I hope she pulls through. ((hug))

Sunnywithachanceofshowers · 08/12/2012 23:15

More hugs from me browneyes

cozietoesie · 09/12/2012 09:59

How did she do overnight?

Fluffycloudland77 · 09/12/2012 20:11

Let us know op, it's so hard with older animals. Most of ours seemed to go with cancer.

browneyesblue · 10/12/2012 12:32

Sorry for not replying sooner - I ended up in hospital myself (story for another thread, another day).

DH is at the vets now to collect her and get an update/find out what we have to do next. I'm keeping everything crossed.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 10/12/2012 12:34

Hope you're both going to be feeling better soon then. Keep in touch.

browneyesblue · 10/12/2012 13:26

Thanks all :)

Peanut is on her way home. From what I understand, they think the build up of fluid was caused by a heart problem, and that the heart problem may be caused by hyperthroidism. Her chest is clear, and we've got medication for her for the next 20 days, after which they will see her again and check her heart.

I know she's not out of the woods, but it's a huge relief that she is being treated and is comfortable.

So grateful to Celia Hammond - we were worried about the cost of all the treatment that she's had, especially as it was done out-of-hours as an emergency, but it was very reasonable and we were able to put it on the credit card.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 10/12/2012 13:28

Oh that is good news. It will lift everyone's spirits - especially yours if you've been ill.

All the best to both of you.

Xmas Smile

browneyesblue · 10/12/2012 14:15

Thanks cozietoesie :)

OP posts:
Sunnywithachanceofshowers · 11/12/2012 23:24

Great news browneyes. I hope you feel better soon xxx

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