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thwinka · 03/12/2012 10:31

Hi guys, this is my first time posting in here so if it gets as heated in here as it does in the Doghouse then please go easy on me:o
I have been giving some thought for a while now as to getting involved in animal foster care and have decided to find out what cat fostering would involve? The rescue sites don't give much information and I would rather have made my decision before actually getting in touch with the rescue's themselves. Is there any one here that that has any experience themselves?
I also have 2 concerns as to whether this would put off potential rescues?
I own a small dog(he is cat friendly) so not sure if this would be an issue for any rescue in terms of me fostering cats?
Also I work 2 nights a week.My dog is looked after by a friend on those nights but would a cat be ok to be left on its own for the night? I have a friend who does this with her cat but not sure if I am being naive and perhaps a rescue would not be happy with either of these situations?

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issey6cats · 03/12/2012 11:02

fostering cats usually means a mom and kittens, or momless orphan kittens being as you dont already have cats a good rescue should let you foster say a mom with slightly older kittens about 4 weekls on , not new borns,

you should have a seperate room for mom and kits, the dog shouldnt be a problem as rescues like to find out if mom is suitable to go to a home with a dog, usually foster is till the kittens are about ten weeks old when they are old enough to go back to the rescue,

great amount of joy to be had from doing this but be prepared to have your heart strings tugged as the kittens are so cute and you have to be prepared for the tug when you take them back, you do get attached to them, i had a hard time taking back my last two and many foster parents end up adopting at least one of thier charges,

the overnight i dont know, if you are on facebook look up Haworth cat rescue this is the one i work for and there are lots of pics of the foster kits on there will give you an idea of what is involved, and you will find if you contact a rescue direct they will give you lots of information on what is involved and what is expected by them

RedwingWinter · 03/12/2012 20:36

Just to add, the place where I volunteer does sometimes foster out older cats, ones that are having trouble adjusting to life at the shelter (e.g. they are very scared). These cats can be with the fosterer for a long time and are fairly likely to end up as 'failed fosters' i.e. the fosterer adopts them.

I'm not sure about the nights, I think that would be a question for the cat rescue. Most adult cats would be okay with this, but of course pregnant mums/new mums with new kittens might need someone around a bit more.

sashh · 04/12/2012 06:41

I fostered for years before I was chosen by my cat.

This was with Cats' Protection. The fostering you do depends on your home.

Mine you can't really shut an area off so I only fostered single or pairs of cats and they had the run of the house.

The most difficult part is in summer, becauses you can't let the cats out. If you have a spare room you can shut that cat in that's not so bad.

I only had kittens twice, and one set were quite old more catlette than kitten.

Be prepared for local press photographers taking pictures to get them rehomed. My friend made the front page with one pic.

Cats' protection supply all food, litter, bowls, disinfecting spray etc. You just need to empty the litter tray and feed them as you would your own cat.

I've fostered cats from a few days to almost two years.

Cats protection also send you on training courses, not oftem but often but they are fun as they are full of people who like cats.

issey6cats · 04/12/2012 09:21

any of you who watched the ghosts of crickley hall on bbc 1 the black and white kitten at the end was one of Haworth cat rescues foster kittens my friend fostered him and his family so fosters can be telly stars aswell

Fluffycloudland77 · 04/12/2012 10:11

Does he demand chicken 3 times a day now and ask what his motivation is for playing chase the string?

I think it's lovely you want to foster cats op, they are very rewarding creatures.

dobby2001 · 05/12/2012 00:11

If you are in London, Celia Hammond have rescues in Lewisham and Canning Town, both of which are always looking for new foster carers. The lewisham branch has an open day this weekend, which although primarily for rehoming, will be useful for talking to staff and getting to know organisation.

thwinka · 06/12/2012 16:14

Ok, thanks for the replies:) Sorry I haven't replied back sooner. Lots to think about there thanks. Definitely don't think it would be suitable for me to foster young kittens due to me being out 2 nights a week. I imagine they couldn't be left that long incase something went wrong health wise with them being so young.
Was thinking along the lines of adult cats,although I don't have a spare room either. I have an understairs cupboard area where a cat could have its bed and an area of its own so to speak but not a whole room.
I live in Dorset DOBBY so London is probably a little bit further out than I planned but thanks for that:)

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