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I need to rehome my 2 much loved cats,what's the best way to do it?

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RNW · 02/12/2012 16:07

Looking for some advice.I have a 7 year old part Bengal and a 5 year old Bengal. They are the most affectionate girls ever, great with children and dogs. We've had a run of horrendous bad luck in the past 6 weeks-my 10 month old had complications from surgery which have left him, to all intents and purposes disabled and needing carers and my husband has lost his job, so we now have no real income.
I feel so sorry for the cats because they no longer have the happy life they once had, along with my other children and my baby with massive needs, I can no longer give them the love and fuss they deserve and need. For their sakes, I need to find them a loving home-not people who want two cats as presents for Christmas, but people who know how to look after them properly and understand their needs. I can't bear the thought of putting them in a rescue cattery,they are used to being able to roam out and about as they please. I just wondered if anyone knew the best way, for the cats, to be rehomed.
Thank you.

OP posts:
Lougle · 02/12/2012 16:18

It sounds like you are having a horrendous time, RNW. Do pop over to the Special Needs: Children board if you want to chat about your 10 month old - we're a good lot and can at least say 'that sucks' if nothing else!

Regarding the cats, do you feel comfortable with keeping them until a suitable home is sourced? That way they'd face minimal disruption.

SoulTrain · 02/12/2012 16:23

In all seriousness, where are you in the country? I've been looking for some cats to live with us. I do have an 18 month old but he's used to animals. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a bad time at the moment xx

RugBugs · 02/12/2012 16:32

So sorry for you that you are faced with re-homing them.

If you got them from a breeder I would speak to them, most will always have their cats back if needed for any reason.
I would try the bengal cat club too, they have a re-homing section and you know any new slave owner from there would have an interest/knowledge in the breed.

RNW · 02/12/2012 18:12

thank you for your replies. I definitely would keep them until a new home was found. I wouldn't want them to have any more disruption in their lives or be scared or confused. Also, splitting them up would not be an option as they love each other and sleep next to each other.
SoulTrain-I'm in Kent. Feel free to PM me if you were serious. Lougle-thank you, I will pop over there.I haven't thus far, just because it would making everything real IYSWIM, and I've just not got my head around how our lives have suddenly changed. Rugbug-thank you very much for your suggestion, much appreciated.

OP posts:
Lougle · 02/12/2012 18:16

RNW, take your time, we're not going anywhere.

Bluestocking · 02/12/2012 18:19

Hi RNW. This does sound like a terrible run of bad luck and I do hope your life gets back on track soon. I can understand why keeping the cats would just seem impossible and I hope you find a lovely new home for them. A loving pair of cats are such an asset to a household - we rehomed two cats who had grown up together and their relationship is so sweet, they chirrup to each other, wash each other's faces and curl up together to sleep. Lots of love to you and your family.

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