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Why is my cat always hungry?

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ontheedgeofwhatever · 24/10/2012 17:27

I have a year old cat. She's been spayed so obvously not pregnant.. She is wormed regulary. she has free access to go in and out through a cat flap.

She is ALWAYS hungry. I was giving her 3 100g sachets a day plus regulary topped up dry food. I've upped her to 4 sachets a day over the last week. She eats everything given to her and on top of that steals food all the time and its getting very hard to deal with

For example she'll chew through food packaging to get at things like bread if we leave a loaf on the side. She chews up packaging to get at defrosting meat. She chews through bin bags for food. This morning I put my toast on the table and turned round to make a cup of coffee and when I turned back she'd jumped on the table and was half way through a slice of toast.

We've kept cats for years and never experienced anything like this. She never seems to put on any weight either.

I took her to the vet who told me to up her to 4 sachets a day which I did but its not helped.

Please this is getting so embarrassing as she's even getting into neighbours houses and stealing their food - someone has threatend us with RSPCA. Any ideas whether something is wrong or what I should do about it am getting really upset by whole thing

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 24/10/2012 19:35

What sort of cat and what weight is she ?

Fluffycloudland77 · 25/10/2012 11:06

Has the vet checked her thyroid?

Mine ate more when he was younger, now hes nearly 4 he seems to have plateaued.

queenofthepirates · 25/10/2012 11:15

17 year old is eating me out of my house. She gets put outside after meals to 'have a run around'
Might take this tactic with children too.

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