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Cat crys for food all day, has been wormed...

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Marne · 11/10/2012 16:37

My cat asks for food all day, he rarely sleeps, just stands by his bowl meowing and follows me around meowing until i feed him. He's eating 4+ pouches a day, he's not a huge cat and is only 2.

We have had a lot of problems with him (spends a lot of time at the vets) and he can only eat one type of food without his mouth swelling (which happens to be a more expensive brand). He has been wormed using tablets from the vet (so has not got worms).

I thought cats are ment to sleep most of the day but he never seems too, i shut him in at night and he used to sleep in the bathroom, now he wakes me up in the middle of the night asking for food or asking to go out.

I have had a few cats and i know cats will keep asking for food but i have never seen one as bad as this, i can feed him and 1 minute after he will sit by his bowl meowing like he's starving.

OP posts:
chickydoo · 11/10/2012 16:39

Is he a particular breed? Some breeds can be like this

JustFabulous · 11/10/2012 16:42

It does sound excessive. Is he a rescue cat? What has the vet said about it?

Marne · 11/10/2012 20:34

He's just a ginger moggy, not a rescue cat. Vet thinks he may have some kind of genetic condition (causing the swelling and allergies). I got him as a kitten from my dh's ex wife, chanses are he is inbreed which has caused a few problems. He had his tail amputated 3 months ago after a accident, he hasn't realy been the same sinse (but has always been a bit odd). He's lovely though, very friendly and when he does settle he likes to sit on a lap.

OP posts:
JustFabulous · 12/10/2012 12:36

So Envy as my cat won't sit on my lap unless I put her there and stroke her loads to make her...

VeganCow · 13/10/2012 11:03

Pouches are not filling, tinned is much better. Is he allergic to cereal or something, what makes his mouth swell to need to be on special pouches?
There are foods you can buy from Zooplus that have 100% meat, no cereal or fillers, would they be ok? Very filling..look up Animonda Carny, the 400g mixed tins pack of 6. only £6.79 for 6 so good value too, excellent reviews, my 3 love it.
Is he underweight, you might just not be feeding him enough? Has he had a blood test for thyroid/diabetes?

Marne · 13/10/2012 15:20

I'm not sure what ingredients it is allergic too (cant aford for the vet to test for which allergies he has), he cant eat any dry foods and whiskers is the worst (makes his mouth swell a lot), he's ok with one of the felix pouches (select cuts i think they are called) and today i gave him a tin of felix (so far so good but will keep an eye), he managed to eat a whole tin already today (was still meowing until i turfed him outside), he woke me up again at 3am asking for food (i fed him before i went to bed at 11pm).

He's not underweight, he was a while ago (after his accident) but is now a good/normal size. If i dont feed him he will eat the dog food (which her reacts to as its dry food) or he will go out and catch a bird/mouse and eat it (most cats seem to catch and bring home, he will bring half home and then continue to eat it until i take it off him). He's due to be wormed next week, maybe it still could be worms? as he does catch a lot of wild life.

Will have a look at Zooplus.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 13/10/2012 20:49


I don't know your living pattern but - could he also be bored if you're not around? Could you try him with some raw chicken legs/wings (use organic, free-range because they don't splinter - and you can often find a pack on 'best before' at the supermarket and freeze the ones you don't need that day) and let him loose with those?

VerySmallSqueak · 13/10/2012 20:54

I feed my cat only dry complete food (water always available).Its there all the time and he can eat what he wants when he wants.
I thought cats self regulate what they eat,so if you aren't feeding moist food that goes yuckky,I can see no problem with this,and my cat is very healthy and not at all overweight.

VerySmallSqueak · 13/10/2012 20:57

Sorry,I missed the post where you said he can't eat any dry food Blush

poozlepants · 13/10/2012 21:07

He couldn't have diabetes could he? This how our cat started- asking for food all the time. He wasn't drinking excessively or getting too thin at that stage but it turned out he had v high blood sugars all the same.

zombieplanmum · 13/10/2012 21:11

I would ask the vet to check out his thyroid function as cats often become hyper thyroid - they tend to be hungry all the time but not put on weight, can have rubbish coat, be skittish, you say he doesn't sleep much. Could also be diabetic. Both of these things are easy to check.

zombieplanmum · 13/10/2012 21:14

you know, 4 pouches a day with no mixer really doesn't sound that much actually - there are hypo allergenic cat foods on the market, id try some of these too.

Marne · 14/10/2012 21:22

Thank you, i think i will ask the vet and get them to do a blood test, i hate taking him to the vets as he gets so upset and shakes (he had to go so many times after breaking and having his tail amputated), he's been ok sinse eating the cheaper tins of felix so i will buy him some more of those. Pouches seem very miss leading as there really isn't much in them. I have to go and get him a worming tablet next week so will ask the vet a bout diabetes and thyroid.

OP posts:
chickydoo · 14/10/2012 22:41

My cats have 3 pouches each a day. One of them also has a bit of dry food too. The other can't eat dry food. She was born with no back teeth & can't chew very well. Sad
We give both cats fresh cooked meat a couple of times a week. They like a bit of cat milk ( once a week...max) they are quite lean to look at , but that's the breed.
They are always hungry!!!! They are very affectionate, mew and "talk" constantly & have learnt to bark at birds. Cats are all different don't worry too much, yours will be fine, I'm sure

Marne · 16/10/2012 20:54

Today he has eaten 3-4 pouches and 1 whole tin Shock, i got fed up with giving him a pouch and him meowing because he was still hungry, so i dished him out half a tin and he ate the lot, an hour later he was meowing again and ate the other half, he's now out and will probably want more when he comes back in. He's costing me a fortune Sad.

OP posts:
rosie345 · 23/10/2016 18:58

my cat been wormed why they keep crying for more food

froglou · 23/10/2016 20:53

Have you tried a grain free hypo allergenic dried food like grain free wainwrights?
To be honest wet food is 70% water so they need lots it that's all they're eating so I wouldn't be too alarmed but it's worth checking thyroid function if you can. If you're just feeding him wet food you should also brush his teeth.

PolterGoose · 23/10/2016 20:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose · 23/10/2016 20:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fluffycloudland77 · 23/10/2016 21:10


It's often worms, thyroid disease or the cold weather.

But they need a vet to decide. Ours eats more when it's cold, probably less prey about.

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