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OopsCat just fell down the stairs!

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oopslateagain · 23/09/2012 15:29

I shouldn't laugh, I really shouldn't.


Poor old OopsCat, he's 17, blind, arthritic and has hyperthyroidism. Due to the arthritis, he can't quite reach that bit of him that's behind his shoulder - you know, when a cat twists their head right round to nibble at? Well, he can't get at it with his teeth, and he can't get at it with his back leg, so he does this amazing twisted-up epileptic pretzel imitation when he gets an itch there - his head is on backwards and his back leg is scratching frantically (but nowhere near where it needs to be).

Today he got that itch. While he was peacefully snoozing halfway up the stairs. Cue frantic pretzel imitation... and five seconds (and a lot of thump-thump-scrabble-thump) later he's at the bottom of the stairs looking very confused. And washing his bum, because that's what he does when he's embarrassed. Grin

Poor cat. I almost feel sorry for pissing myself laughing at him. Grin

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 23/09/2012 19:46

Ours fell down the loo the other day.

I had to leave the room to laugh silently, I hadnt even flushed.

No cats were harmed, it was only wee.

issey6cats · 23/09/2012 19:48

awww poor oopscat its very embarrising when they fall off stuff, my tuxie girl used to sleep on top of the old wide telly and every so often she would land in a heap on the floor and look round to see if anyone had noticed used to pretend i hadnt while sniggering, hope oopscat is ok

cozietoesie · 23/09/2012 21:09

A former coziecat caught a bluebottle one day - but didn't manage to kill it. He swallowed it whole and alive - and the darned thing sat in his throat buzzing away for at least 20 minutes.

Like Fluffy, I had to leave the room silently to laugh like a drain outside at the look on his face.

Cats get so embarrassed. Makes you wonder what they think of human antics!


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