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Do cats have a hive mind/collective conciousness?

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alistron1 · 15/09/2012 08:51

I ask this because at 6am my 9 week old kitten woke me up by scratching the carpet outside my bedroom door, in order to be served the first of his 3 breakfasts. My old cat Boy used to do this, my big boy cat Tiger sometimes does this and now little Rigby is at it. How do they know this stuff?!

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 15/09/2012 08:53

I have wondered this. All 3 cats I have ever owned have slept on the chair in our bedroom in the day. Confused

monsterchild · 15/09/2012 17:10

I cant see cat having any sort of hive mind. I do think they like to wake you up earlier and earlier for breakfast. And they like to sleep where other animals have slept. their sense of smell is better than ours, even if not as good as a dogs.

They are much smarter than most people give them credit for, and have phenomenal memories, and can remember where they found food months earlier. Rigby is probably copying Tiger, who learned from the first.

issey6cats · 15/09/2012 18:09

mine collectively sit at the other end of the garden laughing at my attempts to get them in the house for the night lol, and though they came from the same rescue at different times two of mine seem to know they are Haworth cats as they team up together to cause mayhem in the house, the other two are brother and sister so they have teamed up anyway, its a plot by cats to take over the world . All of them know which is thier bowl for grub and give the others dirty looks if they eat from the wrong bowl

Lonecatwithkitten · 15/09/2012 20:49

Yesterday I said goodbye to the beautiful moggy girl and I had already acquired the tail less wonder as the cat who came after. In the last 24 hours the tail less wonder has seamlessly moved into the role beautiful moggy girl had. She slept on my bed in the same way, sat on my lap like she would have.
Was there training? Or does she just know? Very, very big paws to fill, but I'm glad she's giving it a shot. Though she won't get to lie in the sunny spot in the garden as beautiful moggy girl's ashes will go there with a rose on top.

cozietoesie · 15/09/2012 22:24

My mom, previous owner of cozieseniorboy, was wont to say 'They know, you know'.

Let me leave it at that.

Sparklingbrook · 15/09/2012 22:28

They do know. My other cat knew when I was pregnant, she never left me alone.

Sparkling cat (pic on profile) knows when we aren't feeling well. She comes and sits with you.

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