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The litter tray

My male Siamese getting into fights and robbing the neighbours.

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NCForNow · 13/09/2012 08:55

He's meant to be neutered..he was a rescue. When he arrived here (from a tiny and unprofessional rescue) he seemed to be intact and I queried that he was neutered...the woman said it was probably a "Show neuter" where they leave the sack looking natural somehow.

Anyway...he had been an indoor cat but I have let him out from day one...he loves it but is always starting fights...he climbs through next doors window and eats her cats' food..gets into a row about it and scraps.

He also goes out at night and I hear him this normal for a neutered cat?

He has just walked into next doors, scoffed all their food, had a scrap and come home licking his chops and his paw. The neighbour is philosophical about it..she says "Cats are their own boss....if he's brave enough to steal my moggies lunch then be it on their own heads."

I don't mind him going there but I worry he'll get hurt!

OP posts:
MrsLettuce · 13/09/2012 09:01

My (neutered) female siamese is like that, my (neutered) male less so. they certainly are a breed with a lot of character. Varies from cat to cat really.

Have you taken him to the vet to check if he has really been neutered?

NCForNow · 13/09/2012 09:09

I will have to do it...I hate the thought of him populating the area. Is there a way I can tell myself? I don't want to touch him there though!

He's a bit silly really as he doesn't always win his scraps.

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 13/09/2012 09:13

The only way to really know is to cop a feel of them. My posh arrogant boy also looks like he is neutered, but I definately took them out. I think when they are colour pointed they often look un-neutered due to the colouring on the scrotum.

NCForNow · 13/09/2012 09:18

He's a Blue Point...his balls look quite plump Blush If he has been done will the sack feel empty?

could make DH do it...all boys together!

OP posts:
NCForNow · 13/09/2012 09:19

Are you a vet LoneCat? Did you neuter your own cat?

OP posts:
Catsmamma · 13/09/2012 09:22

I had two cats a black and white mog and a tabby, both definitely neutered but was very much top cats wherever we lived. We'd move, they'd terrorise the neighbourhood for about 3 or 4 months and then everything would settle down.

Dh used to say they were The Kray Twins of the cat world.

MrsLettuce · 13/09/2012 09:24

yy, my boy has a brown sack too. The colour contrast makes it look like it bulges but it it's definitely empty.

NCForNow · 13/09/2012 09:25

There's no real colour contrast..they are pale grey like the rest of his underside...

OP posts:
NCForNow · 13/09/2012 09:26

Can't believe I'm discussing the colour of my cat's balls!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 13/09/2012 09:27

I think you'd best get a proper check done by a vet - if, as you say, the rescue was not of the best.

If he really has been neutered - well. Unfortunately, Siamese are one of the breeds where even apparently amiable neutered males who go outside are unlikely to back off from a confrontation. (Although they may not instigate one, unlike entire Siamese males who live for food, fighting and ...procreation.) They're also terribly good thieves - have a real talent for it.

I appreciate that you don't want him hurt. Even if he's a good scrapper, fighting is a dangerous business - just look at the battle scars on any mature full toms you might see waddling around - and cats claws and mouths are absolutely filthy with regard to possible wound infections. Toms don't live nearly as long as neutered males and that's one of the contributing factors I think.

Difficult one. Have you tried restricting him to the house again? (Although that's not something necessarily to be recommended once they've had a taste of the outdoors.)

NCForNow · 13/09/2012 10:22

He sits by the door going MEEEEEOOOOOOW! over and over if i try to keep him in. He also does mad rushes at people whilst growlng like a dog. He's a dear and sleeps under my duvet Blush but he is terribly bossy too.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 13/09/2012 10:28

Well mine have only ever slept in bed and are pretty bossy on the small things (which I don't sweat - that's Siamese for you.) I'd get him checked out by the vet first - just to make sure he really has been neutered. After that, we can think again.

bonzo77 · 13/09/2012 10:44

Get him checked. Even if the sac is empty he can have an undescended testicle in his abdomen. It needs checking as they can go cancerous.

I have a fighty cat. My vet bills and stress levels are much reduced now I keep her in after dark.

Fluffycloudland77 · 13/09/2012 14:57

Lonecat is a vet yes.

My cats were HUGE before he was done but he does a smaller sac now so is still obviously male.

Dont worry op, discussing cats balls and bits is very common here.

out2lunch · 13/09/2012 15:03

my neutered siamese rules the roost here - they are v v v territorial.he is an indoor other neuter is a ginger and he is the most bully boy cat in the neighbourhood but even he defers to the siamese ninja.

out2lunch · 13/09/2012 15:03

btw just to join in Grin - he also looks like he hasn't been done but he has.

NCForNow · 13/09/2012 16:45

Ah! Well maybe that's it then....I will try to cop a feel later and report back.

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 13/09/2012 17:04

Fluffy is right I am a vet. Do all my own pets care cradle to grave. In the case of posh arrogant boy because he is so evil (but I love him) no one else will deal with them. The beautiful moggy girl salivates over everyone else and the tail less wonder has trust issues.

RandomMess · 14/09/2012 21:18

I would start keeping him at night, they do get used to it, just change their feeding habits.

Ours get a treat of wet food at bed time and are then shut in the lounge with food/water/litter tray overnight.

MrsSchadenfreude · 15/09/2012 07:58

That's a relief, Lonecat. I had a vision of you casually pulling the contents of his nads out at the kitchen table! Grin

Go on, NC, have a feel of his scrote and report back. You know you want to. Grin

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