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Poorly cat

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kickassangel · 01/09/2012 03:37

Just looking for some sympathy really. One of our beautiful cats has blood in his urine.

Now we have to give him anti-biotics, and he has an ear infection. He absolutely hates us giving him both of these and fights it, but we're not meant to be stressing him. He's also on a special diet to help him, and we need to give him a load if water.

Sad that he's ill, and not looking forward to getting meds down him twice a day.

Oh, and the anti-b is likely to cause diarrhea and vomiting.

I'd rather be sick myself tha go through this

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Cynner · 01/09/2012 04:36

How sad for dk(darling kitty) and you...getting antibiotics into a cat is very challenging. I do hope he will be feeling better soon..I know I get upset when one of my kittyboys is sick..

kickassangel · 01/09/2012 12:57

I know, and we have to keep the 2 cats apart so that we can check his litter box and give the special diet. Still the healthy cat slept on my head last night so I disn't feel too lonely.

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Cynner · 01/09/2012 14:46

Good afternoon, Kiss, just popping by to see how your kitty is doing? I'm laughing as last night I had one of mine on my head, the other on my stomach.

VintageEbony · 01/09/2012 15:53

Might not work due to his dietry needs but my vets recommended putting the pill if it's not liquid in some butter. Made it a lot easier to give pills.

VintageEbony · 01/09/2012 15:55

Gah, so sorry he's poorly.

kickassangel · 01/09/2012 16:26

I opted for liquid as I have never once managed to get a pill down a cat.

This morning we used a blanket to wrap him up then I held on and dh squirted the med down his throat. The cat would have bitten us given the chance, he was not happy. He also doesn't like the special food, but we can try another brand if he won't eat it.

At least he is weeing, and already less sign of blood.

We have Labor Day weekend here, but in Tues we go back to school, and I was hoping just to be able to get my head down and focus on work, not be making multiple trips to the vets. Still, I know it's part of being a pet owner and thank goodness it didn't happen when we were on holiday.

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