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Do Cats remember the Cattery?

3 replies

Sparklingbrook · 26/08/2012 12:57

DH has just dropped Sparkling Cat at the Cattery. The 4th time she has been there. (I can't to the dropping off bit-too upsetting)

Do you think she remembers at all?

OP posts:
NaturalNature · 26/08/2012 14:25

Some like them, some don't but your DH would know if she didn't like it to the extreme it was causing trauma to her.

Is it a nice cattery? some are better than others and if she has access to a run and food, warmth and some cuddles she should be ok.

If she only misses you it's good and probably better than her wandering round the house looking for you.

Have a good holiday and get her a treat on the way back.

Sparklingbrook · 26/08/2012 14:31

Thanks Natural. She gave the cattery man a big fuss when DH got there and was busy sniffing about when he left.

When we went to pick her up last time she saw the cattery lady with her brush and completely ignored us to go and see her. Sad

The cattery is lovely. We always pick her up on the way home so we come back as a family. Grin

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 26/08/2012 22:58

I'd imagine so, ours turned his back on me before I left in disgust.

They are fab approved and he shows no signs of distress he's just not keen on being in a cage next to other cats.

All the other cats look happy, he looks pissed off. He gets his antisocial attitude from both of us I'm afraid.

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