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Poorly cat - vet on hols, arrrrgh!

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Bossybritches22 · 23/08/2012 12:38

Well I'm not sure if she's proper poorly or just wormy.

At the moment she's bloody cross with me as we just had the usual fight to get a pill down her.

I'm an experienced cat holder & piller, always manged to get the hinge of the jaw thing but this little mare is a tazmanian devil even with 2 people & a thick swaddling of towel!

She has got increasingly thinner over the last 2 weeks, (we were away & neighbour fed her all sorts) although was eating OK just being fussy. Drinking well & sleeping & behaving as normal. Doesn't look manky like cats do when they need worming, glossy coat no sign of worms.

My lovely local vet is away, she has another practice covering miles away, and the other local one is hideously expensive & I'd have to register to get the spot on stuff I'm intending trying next.

Aaargh I'm meant to be going away for the w/e but I can't leave her like this!

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