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how old for kitty to be de-bollocked?

26 replies

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 12:53

Hes 5 months and big but still has all his baby teeth. I vaguelly remember 6 months but is that right?

OP posts:
HecateHarshPants · 19/08/2012 12:55
HecateHarshPants · 19/08/2012 12:56

although a few other links do say 4 months. And one says they can be done once they weigh more then 2lb

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 13:02

Oh. I shall weigh him. And book him an appointment. Poor baby.

OP posts:
HecateHarshPants · 19/08/2012 13:04

ah, he'll be fine. And it means he won't be spraying everywhere, stinking the house out.

Or clamping himself to your arm and shagging it.

My poor, poor bil. Waving his arm in the air frantically with a horny kitty clinging on for dear life.

I shouldn't laugh but I do, long and loud

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 13:06

I do want it done before he even thinks about doing big boy cat things.
But hes such a baby still. All snuggly and sucky. yes he is my baby substitute and i know its sad

OP posts:
HecateHarshPants · 19/08/2012 13:09

Yeah, well, get it done before you have wet patches on all your cushions Wink

Fluffycloudland77 · 19/08/2012 14:11

I have read that if you can see em you can cut em off.

Our vets wanted to wait till he was 6 months, I begged them to do it 5.5 because he was such a feisty bugger.

All you heard everynight was DH saying "stop biting mommy" in tones of increasing frustration.

I slept downstirs with him in case he was ill and he up and biting my toes at 7.30 the next day so I went back to bed and left him to it.

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 14:12

Might have to wait a fortnight until i get paid.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 19/08/2012 14:19

Are you having him chipped while he is there?

Littlebluetoo · 19/08/2012 14:24

I had mine done at 4months as the vet said he was just heavy enough. I wanted him to enjoy learning about the outside world in summer while I am off as well to rescue him if necessary! Check with vet and get it done!

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 14:27

Yes he'll get chipped at the same time. Hes been happy staying in the garden up until now but is looking interested in the fence.

OP posts:
RugBugs · 19/08/2012 14:34

Two of mine were done at 14/15 weeks and one at 12 weeks. It's common practice amongst breeders and in countries where vetinary care is more advanced.

My vet is from NZ and didn't bat an eyelid, I was called up at work to come and collect him early becuase he'd escaped the bays and was found sitting behind the reception desk! He paid for his over activity the next day, he felt very sorry for himself.

Fluffycloudland77 · 19/08/2012 14:40

Did he do a bobby sands while he was under there? (dirty protest)

NaturalNature · 19/08/2012 14:48

Are you on any benefits/low income as you might be able to get help with the cost.

He should be done and chipped just incase he wanders off if you're letting him out I'm currently surrogate mum to a lost unchipped/undressed 1year oldish, it's a big world for them out there

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 15:02

No benefits. Have squandered the de-bollocking fund on cava and trifle. Hes only allowed out under supervision.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 19/08/2012 15:06

Mine went out under supervison before he was neutered. He never has worked out that he can run faster that me.

I think ours cost £40ish with chipping.

NaturalNature · 19/08/2012 15:16

Would your vet put it on account for you?

It might be worth asking the PDSA, or just book him in for 2 weeks time.

TaggieCampbellBlack · 19/08/2012 15:19

Ill book tomorrow. Have emergency cava fund i can raid.

OP posts:
SecretNutellaMedallist · 19/08/2012 15:23

Mine was done when he was nearly 5 months, mainly because his sister was so small, she wouldn't have handled her op at that age and we didn't want any incestuous kittens. She was done a month later when she had gained some weight and he had calmed down a bit.

GrandPoohBah · 19/08/2012 17:43

I had my giant Bengal cross done at 12weeks as we caught him humping our terrified looking female kitten one evening. He weighed a ton though (and I may have told a little white lie about how old he was).

I've got two young boys at the moment and their balls are becoming more prominent so we'll be looking to do it soon, before we let them out. DH likes to glare at them and say 'snip snip snip!' when they're being naughty, I think it's the worst threat he can think of!

lljkk · 19/08/2012 18:27

Around here most vets refuse to do them under 6 months.
Main thing is to get them done before puberty sets in, usually about 7 months old.

Fluffycloudland77 · 19/08/2012 18:48

Ours had very prominent balls, he has a little sack now where they were so some people think he isnt neutered.

It was the second thing people would say when we got him, "oh isnt he pretty" followed by "have you seen the size of his balls!".

I have a photo of him snuggled into my chest when he's a kitten and they virtually draped over my arm.

I saw an full tom bengal at a cat show and he looked shagged out so I think we did him a favour.

sunflowerseeds · 19/08/2012 21:58

No hurry, he'll grow bigger if you wait until he's 6 or 7 months old and having him done won't stop him eying up the fence.
Pets get neutered to stop the effects of adult behaviour so why get it done while they are still babies?

sashh · 20/08/2012 06:14

It can be done from 2 weeks - but only if you know the right vet in Wales.

Most vets say about 6 months, cats protection say from 4 months.

ripsishere · 20/08/2012 06:28

Our boys were about five months old when they were denutted. They were chipped at the same time. It cost around £65 each.
I was cross because the vets told me when I collected them that they needed boiled chicken or fish to eat. We had to call in at Sainsburys on the way home.

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