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The litter tray

Why is my cat pooing in the bath??!!

23 replies

berri · 16/08/2012 14:19

He is about 5 and no other health problems. He seems to do it when I go out (rare occasion!) in the evening, even though DH is still in! He has access to his litter tray or outside if he wants to go.

Any ideas? It's happened about 4 times now.

OP posts:
RugBugs · 16/08/2012 14:26

My guess would be that he doesn't want to go outside, is there another cat that could be blocking his way out or a scary cat invading his territory?

Cats can be very fussy about litter trays, one of mine won't go in unless it is spotless and another is very picky about the litter type

cozietoesie · 16/08/2012 14:32

Ah - the protest vote! Is he very close to you?

Keep the tray checked as RugBugs suggests (a couple of mine will/would only poo if the tray was clean - to the point where I now have two trays just in case because they sometimes want to pee and poo in very short order.)

Good idea also, for the duration, to rinse down the bath with a lot of plain water after cleaning in case there's something in the smell of a cleaner/residual bath essence that may be attracting him. Have you or the family started using any new products recently?

peeriebear · 16/08/2012 14:34

I don't know, but take solace from the fact that it's in the bath. When my cat decides to have a dirty protest she rakes the clean bath towels off the shelf and craps on them. I could kill her Angry

cozietoesie · 16/08/2012 15:42

It could be worse still, peeriebear - on the floor by the toilet in the middle of the night, say? (Sole of foot/bare toes position.)


worldgonecrazy · 16/08/2012 15:45

I have had a couple of cats that do this. I have no idea why, never figured it out because they were otherwise completely toilet-trained and would always go outside. It must be something to do with marking territory, and as already pointed out, it does make it easier to clean up.

OLimpPickMeddles · 16/08/2012 15:51

My delightful cat (1 year old; completely clean usually) peed in the washing basket yesterday. Did she choose the dirty washing basket? Oh no my friends, it was the very full basket of clothes awaiting ironing.

Bless (grr!)

JollyBear · 16/08/2012 16:00

Our cat does this occasionally but usually because he has an upset stomach! I like to think it is his way of telling me he is ill. He wee'd in the bath when he had a urine infection too, the wee was all bloody. That was helpful as I took a sample to the vets.

Could your cat be ill?

BadgersRetreat · 16/08/2012 16:11

your cat is v considerate Jolly!

berri · 16/08/2012 16:36

Oh it's not just my little treasure then! Yes the bath does make it a bit easier to clean up than on the floor, or the towels.....eeeek!!

I don't think it's an upset stomach thing, as he has to walk further to go to the bathroom than to get to his litter tray. And he's been 'going' outside before and after each incident so I don't think it's to do with illness or other cats etc.

cozie yes he is a total softie and usually sits on me in the evenings, or anytime I sit down actually! I didn't realise cats could be so bloody sensitive though, after all he's fine when I go out during the day....!

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 16/08/2012 16:37

It's a protest then.


BarbieDahl · 16/08/2012 16:40

Put the plug in and a couple of inches of water, this should deter him.

cozietoesie · 16/08/2012 16:41

No, barbie, no! Think of where he might decide to poo next.


berri · 16/08/2012 17:39

Barbie I've been tempted to do that but don't want to encourage him onto the towels like peeriebear's!!!!

OP posts:
berri · 16/08/2012 17:39

Does this mean I may no longer leave the house in the evening Confused

OP posts:
Catsmamma · 16/08/2012 17:45

put another litter tray in the bath! :D

I have six litter trays I have inventive spiteful cat children who like to crap in corners, but not in any consistent manner. of the six trays two are used regularly plus a third as an occasional option.

The other three are in preferred corners that are only ever used when we have visitors or if the litter tray is removed by dh on the grounds that no one ever uses it.

...someone explain to me why i adore these furry little crappers babies???

Catsmamma · 16/08/2012 17:47

Oh and I turn a blind eye to Faerie's occasional peeing in the hand basin trick in case she pees on anything less easily cleaned.

Minimammoth · 16/08/2012 17:51

Like Jollys cat mine has done this on a couple of occasions when she has an infection, blood in the wee. Straight off to vets. I took it as a ' look - I'm not well'

berri · 16/08/2012 18:06

Snort at 'furry little crappers' Grin

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 16/08/2012 19:34

Mine did a runny poo in the kitchen sink when we accidently locked him away from his tray.

I was quite impressed really.

sashh · 17/08/2012 07:08

Could you leave woms water in the bath - an inch or two of cold water. Although he might go somewhere less easy to clean.

KatyMac · 17/08/2012 07:39

My mums cat always did it in the shower tray - not the litter tray & not outside

My mum decided it was because the rest of the family pees in porcelain so he would too & he couldn't quite manage the loo

But on You-tube there are loads of funny videos about cats peeing on the toilet and someone made a gizmo to train them too

Catsmamma · 17/08/2012 07:41

oh yes the shower tray...Faerie went through a phase of peeing in there too.

I run the shower for a good while before I get in now.

cozietoesie · 17/08/2012 08:03

Maybe we have to look at it as a sort of self-expression. I mean - if you were in a human controlled world (at least notionally) how else are you going to express annoyance? With something or other.

My old boy uses the tray religiously now the other cat is away (no more spraying) and he's got his arthritis meds but every morning, he lines himself up at the far end of the upstairs sitting room and does a mad 30ft gallop towards my bedroom (both doors being open) which ends with a huge thumping leap onto the bed - and me! Quite impressive for nearly 18 - and you can see that after 4 or 5 of those, he's all sorted with the world.

If he didn't have that outlet, I guess I'd be treading very gingerly indeed!


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