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The litter tray

Is this a cat growth spurt or worms?

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SirBoobAlot · 14/08/2012 11:10

I'm kitten / cat sitting. She's doubled in size in the last few weeks, and is hungry all the times - I mean ALL THE TIME. She'll eat a full pouch of food, finish off the dry food too, then be mewing for more. This has got worse recently, it wasn't as bad when she first got here. She's certainly eating twice as much as she used to.

She uses her litter tray so much, and it smells terribly - a few times I've accused DS of filling his nappy without telling me, only to discover its the cat.

She's an indoor cat - the people who I'm looking after her for don't have a garden, so whilst we do, she has never even gone to the door way despite it being left wide open at times.

I posted on facebook with something jokey about cat growth spurts matching babies, and a friend has replied that it might be worms. I've googled, and don't see how she could have contracted it, because she's an inside cat, and hasn't been in contact with any other cats. But she is eating constantly and using the litter tray to match.

Any suggestions?

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issey6cats · 15/08/2012 09:42

it wouldnt hurt to get her a worm tablet just to rule it out, if your friends havent wormed her for a while being as she is an indoor cat she may have them, and if she hasnt it wont do her any harm, but get tablets from the vets (about £3.50 each) the rescue i work at uses milbemax

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